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I could go on and on about laughing so hard that I peed my pants incidents, or even still, I could tell you about times when my girl friends were over and my little brothers behaved atrociously, but maybe a more honest response would be to share one of the worst things I did when I was a young adult and making the worst mistakes of my lifetime. Just sharing this story is mortally embarrassing actually. I don't live this way even remotely now, so please don't judge.

I had never really gotten plastered drunk before, so when my boyfriend and I arrived at Lake Havasu I didn't think this little weekend getaway with the car club would be anything to worry about. (Please take note that I was such a stupid follower at this time of my life. That's an embarrassing enough fact in itself.) Anyways. My boyfriend and I had gotten into an argument, and so I was busy ignoring him which meant he wasn't busy watching out for my naive self. I am certain he knew what to expect, but I certainly did not. Long story short, everyone was passing out shots and other bottles of I don't even know what and I just kept on drinking as if it were water because I had no clue what it was going to do to me. You'd think I would have put two and two together since I'd seen people getting smashed before, but I didn't. And that is how I ended up crying and vomiting my eyes out with intermittent periods of unconsciousness on the floor of a campground restroom with the car club president who I can't even remember his name patting me on the back and asking me if I was okay.

I am so ashamed of this incident to this day that embarrassed hardly covers it. Not only did I wreck my body with alcohol, but what I never contemplated until I became much more mature is how I put myself in great danger of getting raped.

I never got drunk like that again, but it took me until I was 21 years old to realize that I didn't want to even experiment with alcohol. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my bad girl days all happened while under age.

I am certain I was living my mother's worst nightmares. And that's even more embarrassing.

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