These words are written with a price
I can hardly scratch a letter upon the page
Without feeling some of my heart
Leaving me and finding a new home
In your eyes, in your heart
And your soul radiates it back
To me it seems like a small price
To pay for the admiration
And spiritual connection
That I feel when we share
What I give and what you give
As we lay our love out in words

your cheek

whispers fall softly
like wishes floating in wind
barely brushing by

ode to the early responders

Disastrous scene
No apparent survivors
Barely a shred of hope
For the early responder
Pulling aside wreckage
Piece by piece
Focusing fully
On embracing
Every single fragment
The flaws, the fears
With fascination

You know who you are

Holding onto me with love
Seeing who I am with who I was
Encouraging who I will become
Out of nowhere, in the midst of my wilderness
You entered
And did not run
To the nearest exit
You stayed for more
Weaving your presence
Into my existence
Proving that I did not die


As the warmth of you
Your simplicity of life
Your complexity
Your self
Awakens the phoenix
From the ashes
Taking flight
With the power of light
Combined with a consuming fire
Kindled by compassion

An everblooming beauty

Whence you came I cannot tell
You seemed to slip between the pages
Of this book of mine that I have written
Upon my heart and soul
Your influence is the embossed ink
Upon these pages
As you press yourself against this shell of life
Lifting me to sense more
Than I am ready for


For being a pile of shards wrapped within a bedraggled rag
On an odyssey that spans an eternal path of perpetual zigzag
The emotions run so high and angle in at unimaginable depth
Creating an insatiable taste within my mouth for what I lack
And I am forced to accept that I am still laying on the tracks
Bleeding out, untouchable, a temptation not tempting enough
For the first responders to ignore a potential double agent attack
And now love looks more like war than it ever has before—so black

Choking on possibility

The air
The sky
Your face
Your look
A word
A kiss


I search the horizon
For you every day
Watching for the moment
When the smoke clears
And we can breathe
A deeper breath than ever before

Across this insuperable canyon

You step off the ledge
To find me
Moving forward
Toward me


To the human eye
This looks more like madness
This mess of a dream
Takes no shape

Like a mist

In the early morning after rain
Cools the desert floor
So parched


My tears forever in the moments
When you respond to who I am

Anticipating what I have to give


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fear of not falling

To fall would be a dream that could
Turn into a traumatizing nightmare
Sweeping away all the glitter from our divine
And luxuriant friendship we have cultivated
The thought brings me to my knees
In a perfect soberness
With tears and fear for the future
I would do anything to know
How the several twists and turns
Turn out on this switchback path
Alas, that cannot be until the way
Is tasted and tried in all its variety
The bitter and sad pairs well
With the richly flavored delights
Of love earned and felt
Upon your lips I hope to earn
My name forever pressed and expressed
With an honesty known from the depth
Of all eternity held in the moment
Because we took a thousand leaps
Into the unknown and kept on falling

part one: fear of falling