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The Politics of Princesses and Hair


I watched the Disney movie Tangled last night with my family and feel like it warrants a word or two or so...

I was a little wary at first to be feeding more princess media down our throats, but it turned out to be more than just an entertaining movie.  

As is par for the course, it does have a princess with a wicked sort-of-step-mother and the princess does get saved by a man. What makes this movie somewhat unique and intriguing is how she was also portrayed as strong, capable, and accomplished.  She paints and can knock men out with her frying pan! And it is NOT done by the help of magic. Rapunzel just knows how to handle herself.

the drama of life

I don't know how everyone else's mornings go, but here is a snapshot of how pretty much EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL DAY MORNING goes at my house:
I wake up. I wake up my oldest son. I wake up my two daughters. My oldest girl* wakes up right away and starts talking about school, the bus, eating breakfast, getting dressed. I then tell my other daughter to wake up again because she is always still sleepy, but then she gets up too. I then proceed to go re-wake up my oldest son.  I go get dressed or start making sandwiches, then go re-wake up that little monkey again**.  He whines about how he is tired and I either yell at him and take his blankets away or give him a pep talk that sounds like this, "Son, don't you want to be happy?  Why do you continue to make our mornings miserable?", etc. He gets up, proceeds to mock and bother his younger sister and by this time our little preschooler is awake and participating in the tag teaming on the poor girl sandwiched between them in the birth order of things. Then, we eat breakfast, my big girl gets on her bus, and between the three younger children there always seems to be someone irritated, yelling, or whining until they leave for school. 
Is this normal people?  I seriously have to tune it out, remove myself from amongst them at times, and pretty much feel like I am surrounded by people who do not care one whit what I am saying to them. 

I might sound bitter and angry, but it is only temporary.

the wonderful world of blogs

When I decided to start blogging, I did not know into what abyss I would be falling into. Whew!  There is so much to learn and just know and if you don't just know it you kinda flounder...I think I am floundering a bit. not too much. just a bit. 

The one thing I hope is occurring while the world takes notice of my insane learning curve is that you are enjoying this adventure with me.

autism and its various cures

I want to share something that bothers, irritates, and bugs me like crazy at times:

I am talking about parents who think that some diet magically cured their severely autistic child. You may or may not have heard of the miraculous gluten/casein free diets. I am sorry, but if your child actually suffers from severe, classic autism—there is no cure. There was something else wrong with your kid—maybe a food allergy. 

I am no doctor, but all the specialists I have ever had to visit for my autistic little monkey keep telling me there is no cure.

If you have some verifiable proof—and I am talking about some reputable long-term studies—send me the links and I might try a supposed cure.

Warmth of the Sun ~ a short poem

Today the clouds are hiding the sun
Outside and inside my heart
What kind of a day have I begun?
I thought I had a new start

Flowers are budding- waiting for me
Wanting me to be happy
Wishing I would get over myself
Love and kindness promise help

Knowing God loves me should do the rest
Now I move forward doing my best


I am a serious type of person. When I try to joke around, someone usually gets offended so I try not to do it. Ever. Well, barely ever.  Sometimes I forget myself and joke around and the cycle repeats itself and then I remember that I should NOT joke around and then I forget again...I hope you see what I mean.  I believe the seriousness stems from my very core.  I can recall lecturing kids in Second grade about how I don't appreciate the "your mama's so fat" jokes.  My mother was pretty overweight and I really didn't find it appropriate since they appeared to be making fun of MY mom and even if they weren't-- it was offensive to anyone who was fat. and I remember thinking those precise thoughts at age 7 or 8.  Yeah. Serious to the core.

Whimsical Wednesday

I saw this video a few weeks ago for the first time and it just feels like the very best way to kick off Whimsical Wednesdays. I hope you find it just as enchanting as I do.

p.s. don't forget to pause the music player at the bottom of this site prior to playing the video.

Lost in a sea of technology

If ever a girl wanted to feel un-super, all she needs to do is try to start a blog.  dude.  I changed some features, played around a bit with some settings, modified the blog address to better fit what I want, and BAM! I got set up for a series of dorky, irritating things.  I felt  like I did when I was in the downtown area of Salt Lake City a few years back and I got lost trying to get to the freeway - I could see the freeway the whole time, but could not get on it. Can we all say "I hate one way streets" all together? Now you might be thinking, she must have some mental processing issues or something.  No. I just go from substance to air at the speed of light when dealing with machinery and I guess that includes computers FOR SURE!

the dawning of a new day

I woke up this morning feeling as if the world were resting upon my shoulders.  I know there are others out there that do this to themselves as well. Why do people do this?  Why would every problem be mine to own and think about and get to the point of being utterly STRESSED OUT? 
As I write, I have a kid totally whining to me about how much she hates school. She is never going to school again, according to her.  Wow.  No wonder I get on edge.

Though we might have great cause to mumble, grumble, and get to the point of not knowing which end is up, I say look for something to feel blessed about and let it go until you are ready to deal with it in a proactive way.  I will try the experiment and get back with you. Let me know how it goes for you, too.

Have a super day!
enjoy this little diddie by my brother David

diving in a little deeper

When I started this blog a year ago, I had an idea about goofy postings and pictures. Yet after some thought—about a year's worth—I want to begin writing about goofy stuff and the realm of the bothersome, sad, happy, and fabulous.

So join me in an open discussion on all things purple and so forth, and let's have some fun . . .