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This Phoenix Speaks

Seven years in the making, my first published book, This Phoenix Speaks , is now a reality. The tireless and tiring work invested to ma...

halloween haiku

Halloween Haiku 


loud shrieking throughout
the silent Halloween night
when snatched by zombies

at nightfall

gripping, dripping sweat,
clamoring from the coffin
  time to get some treats
jack o'lantern

orange, slimy, seeds
diced and sliced, sawed to pieces
                                                                set upon the porch

Positivity Amidst Negativity - Hilary Weeks

Throughout this journey of expression on the blog, many people have shared their personal experiences with me and I have found that the majority people everywhere are survivors of sore trials or current mourners of some type of loss-permeated issue.

That statement seems ridiculously obvious now, but it wasn't so clear to me prior to embarking on my blog adventure. I felt so alone in my trials--so uniquely troubled. I admit I still get into that mindset from time to time. Yet, I must remember the comfort promised me if I do as I should. Whether it is loss of a loved one, loss of identity, loss of a relationship, or anything that causes your heart deep sadness, striving to maintain a positive outlook is vital. Simply stated: we must keep going in order to heal.

A bit of seriousness on Whimsical Wednesday

I found this article quite interesting and I wanted to share something off-the-wall different today.
Guns and politics are rarely, if ever, discussed on here; therefore, I deem them whimsical. a quite strange version of it, but whimsical for All Things Purple nonetheless!

HR 822: National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011 | Random Musings of a Curious Mind

Aloha! Purple Rolls!

A friend of mine recently went to Hawaii and she sent me these photographs...

...if ever there was a reason to go to Hawaii, I have now found mine.

Now I just need a sponsor. Seriously. :)

Have a fabulous day!

Who Knew?

Who Knew? OR Pizza, Spanish, and Me

Source: None via Shelly on Pinterest

The other day, I was picking up some pizza at the local Villa Pizza. No big deal, right? Well, the difference this day was I had just got out of my Spanish class right before arriving to get said pizzas. And I had coupons, but that is an entirely different conversation. So anyways, I get there and ask them if I can pay before the pizzas are finished (I had called the order in ahead of time). I know I was speaking English at that point in time because I do NOT have skills for just spouting off long requests, although what followed afterward is another story indeed.

Edna St. Vincent Millay: aptly chosen words

There are a few poems out there in the world that capture something so precisely that you must take notice. The poem featured via the link below is such a poem. Then, in addition to this poem, the commentary touches my heart and mind even more so.  I hope you will take the time to read it all.

Savvy and Sage: More: Sonnet II Time does not bring relief; you all have lied Who told me time would ease me of my pain! I miss him in the weeping of the rain; I...

Monkey Number One Has a Birthday

Although most people think to apply this Shakespeare quote to romantic love relationships, I share it with you today in honor of my dear baby {L} who still can only consistently express this understanding through her smiles, back rubs, and her knowing eyes at now fifteen years of age. 

Commentary on Beauty

The other day, a friend's little girl spouted off 
everyone likes me huh, mommy, 'cause I'm beautiful
She was so adorable saying this. I am sure many of you out there have heard something similar from little girls in your life and you women have thought it of yourself possibly.

The Importance of Examples

Oftimes I wonder about what sort of example I am setting for my children. I wonder about what example I show my friends and colleagues. I wonder what example I displayed as a youth in junior high and high school for my siblings and friends to behold.

Seeking to Become - October

As I pondered on what direction to go this month with this spirituality goal, I was brought to some of my favorite passages within Corinthians and Ephesians. The apostle Paul speaks powerfully with words inspired of God, wrought within his heart through personal experience and divine inspiration. I don't even want to choose any specific scripture because it is just so difficult to decide! Yet, the whole point of this monthly challenge is to take one scripture and apply it to life, consistently and practically. So, I will choose a few verses this month as a compromise with myself.

Breast Cancer Awareness AKA be kind to your friends

The link below offers some simple ways to help everyone to take care of their "friends". I don't know about you, but I hope my friends and I have a life-long friendship :) 

BYU Women's Services and Resources: All About Pink: Since October is national breast cancer awareness month, I can’t let the month go by without talking about breast cancer prevention. You y...

Kid Dates

I was thinking to myself that I haven't really shared any ideas for parenting in awhile and it might help me to remember how to get back into my groove to discuss stuff that really works for my family.  I usually get some of the best ideas (practical and successful) from other people, too. So, instead of taking ideas today, I will be "other people" and contribute. Hopefully someone will find it as useful for their family as I have done.

One thing that makes a difference in my children's lives is special, set aside one-on-one time. We call them Mom Dates, but I choose to call them kid dates here in order to encourage the fathers out there to make those one-on-one opportunities happen as well. Your children will love you even more for it!

Purple Princess

I {heart} Whimsical Wednesdays... half the week is over and I have an excuse to post really random stuff.

Happy Wednesday!

Button, Button I {finally} Grabbed The Button

Not to sound ridiculous, but the truth is the truth.

I have seen several blogs with that little red Pinterest follow button and could not--for the life of me--figure out how to grab one to go on my little, purple niche. Well, until now... :)

In all my research into blog development, I have developed quite the vocabulary for fun, cute stuff that only looks like gibberish if you don't paste it into an html friendly zone (said from GREAT amounts of experience). Widgets, buttons, etc. have been part of this high adventure--as you can very well see if you go exploring the page.


With tears streaming down the well worn tracks upon her face,
she reached out into that well known darkness called relationship.
Without years of searching up and down the corners of her heart,
reaching and seeking would mean nothing more than hardship.

Yet, hardship has been her friend—even a close friend.
Hardship remains tried and true and forever there.
Always there—consistent to the most bitter of ends.
Hardship teaches lessons ease could never bear.
Many seek the comfort of ease for matters of the heart.
But, he's a fair-weather friend and frequently departs.

Reaching out with hardship,
binding and tearing with its double-edge of sorts,
girded tightly about her heart,
she moves forward into that black night
with the hope of hopes for a new and happy start.

Add This One to the Dictionary

At my house, the children get indoctrinated young on how moms are super.

A few summers ago, my oldest son kept on asking me questions like how I could do this or how did I know that and finally I let him in on the top secret secret-- I am supermom. This caused great astonishment and excitement. Whenever I found something HE lost (and other such things), I would ask him: so, who am I?  and he would say: Supermom!

Mind you, this little guy was at least nine years old at the time, so I know he knows people do not have outrageous superpowers. He loved the idea of it though. We have had discussions about how all moms have different super powers to help their families, that being super does not mean being perfect, and how those abilities make moms so special and, well, super.

Just the other day we were driving in heavy traffic and I told the children to stop fighting because they were distracting me and my little daughter was complaining that I wasn't listening to her, etc. etc. So, Mr. C chimes in something to this effect: well, mom I think your supermom powers are limited in the car. You use so much of them to drive, so it's okay that you can't talk and listen and stuff. It's like Superman and kryptonite. What should your kryptonite be? I say, the car.

If you want a list I have formulated for what constitutes a super parent, see: You Are Super

This brings me to the new word that belongs in the dictionary. And I am serious, people.


This video gave me the giggles and made me wish these guys were local so I could have them do a jam session around my neighborhood. Seriously fun stuff.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Happy Wednesday!


scroll to the bottom of the blog to pause the music player for better listening enjoyment during the video :)

Lion King Las Vegas - PTGS 9

Not sure how many of you realize that I have a couple of professional musicians in my family, but I do. One of my brothers plays for the Las Vegas Philharmonic and the other one plays all over the place. One of those places occasionally happens to be in the orchestra for the Broadway production of The Lion King in Las Vegas. So anyways, I put a bit of sisterly pressure on him to participate in the PTGS and here is the first pic of hopefully many!  

The Grape Soda is chilling out in the pit just below the stage before the show starts. Talk about VIP status!

So anyways, if you get a chance to see the show before it closes at the end of the year-- you might be hearing a brother mine playing some of the fantastic music.  

Love, Love — where can I find thee?

Source: etsy.com via Hannah on Pinterest

Love, Love -- Where can I find thee? 
OR Another Chapter in The Purple Lady's Love Project

While I am not a very smooshy sort of person, I must say that I value honest, loving communications. Regular daily life does not warrant constant goobery professions of love, yet I believe the daily thoughtful things those who love and love in return do for each other are represented in this quote by Mr. Darcy in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

The scene from whence this comes is a mockery of a marriage proposal. He is enraptured with Elizabeth, yet he does not realize how he must treat Elizabeth for her to take his love in earnest. Deservedly, our feisty and bold Elizabeth shuts Mr. Darcy down and it would be left at that-- except the seed of love has been planted AND Austen must show how real love comes into being. What it looks like and where to find it.