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a smile in your voice

photography, poetry, writing
 The day was pushing along 
just as crowded 
and lonesome as ever.
The sun shone,
clouds drifted, 
people remembered to breathe. 
The sun set, 
books got read, 
prayers indubitably said. 

And then— 
The phone rang and it was you.
You who says things,
regarding my whole person,
as a gem
polished up,
an unaffordable prize.
The moon beamed,
art love shared,
unspeakables were spoken.

From start to end—
A smile came over my face 
emulating your sweet voice. 

a letter of encouragement

Someone asked me how can we get past feelings of anger, defeat, and weariness with the world we must face, and I want to give them an undivided attention sort of reply--

Dear Friend,

I am no expert on making it through difficulties beautifully, but I do attest to the fact that I have made it through many sore trials, unexpected challenges, and a great deal of unfortunate circumstances. I get negative at times, yes, but somehow I am able to keep smiling either during or at least after all is said and done.

One coping mechanism is laughter. When I can, I remember to laugh at myself. We can take ourselves so seriously that it is to our own detriment. (At least, I do.) Most especially though, I remember to laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation. I have found that even really messed up stuff usually has a small element of the ridiculous. Maybe what you can pick out is far-fetched, but laugh at it nonetheless, and you will feel a change in your perspective come about. Anger and hopelessness cannot fester if you've been able to find something to laugh about. It won't change the hard parts, but it creates a piece of much needed positivity amidst sometimes unbearable negativity.

Reading good books is a great way to take a vacation from things. Sometimes all we need is a moment to ourselves and it can get us through the rest of a challenging day. If you would like some recommendations, I have a pretty decent list on Goodreads or you can ask me for some titles through Twitter or Facebook.

Another tool in my shed of positivity is reaching out to friends. I seem to attract a great deal of friends, which means I usually have someone I can shovel the stuff with when I feel overloaded. However, you only need one really. One person who will listen and even commiserate--and laugh at what you can--with you will prove invaluable. If you do not have that sort of person in your life, I offer myself to be that friend. I love making friends. I love helping them even more. It truly brings me joy. So the invitation to direct message (DM) me on twitter whenever you need someone to unload on is there for the taking.

Something that might seem silly-ish but works to calm and push away the weariness is singing aloud. I enjoy hymns and spiritual music most for singing out loud, but so long as they are happy songs with no tinge of negativity in them--go for it. If you don't normally sing much (or at all), do the singing in the shower thing or while alone and driving in the car. Sometimes I can even get to the first step of laughing at myself during this positivity activity. It's highly effective. Trust me. Singing and positive music in general invite rejuvenation and light into the darkest of places.

And while it might not be very politically correct to bring spirituality into things, it is very personally correct for me to do so. In my life, the most vital element of pushing out anger, rising above defeat, and retaining hope when weary has been my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I strive to learn more about his life through scripture study and apply those things that I learn. I am not perfect at it, but I believe that making an honest effort is what makes all the difference. Prayer is another imperative aspect of living a faith-based life. I recommend trying it if you don't do so already. I testify to you that prayer changes night into day, shedding light upon some situations you never could have navigated without it.

Lastly, I write. I am sure you couldn't tell or anything, so it seems redundant to even state such a blatant fact, but there it is. I write here and write letters to people (the old-fashioned snail mail sort), and I write in a journal. I used to have one that I filled with everything under the sun, but now I focus on only writing about the blessings and happy things that go on daily. It is encouraging to read through it on those hard days.

My hope is that what I have shared with you will bring you to a knowledge that you can and will make it through, and you can even make it through with more hope, happiness, and energy for life.

Most sincerely,

me ♥

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Buried Treasure

The Purple Lexicon

This work of language awesomeness is a work in progress. I apologize in advance for it being so heavily influenced by Twitter, but then again, I don't because Twitter has inspired many, if not all, of the entries. It shall be added upon from time to time, so feel free to use it as a reference guide often. Also, if you would like to add some terms yourself, please leave a comment along with how you'd like to receive credit for your contribution and I will formally edit the lexicon with your entry(s).

huggy or kissy: adj. the opposite of stabby. when people give love that looks like something from out of the movies. syn. NCMO

best friend
: n. a term applied to one who has shown great patience to another over a very long period of time and it has been reciprocated; a pure angel of mercy on the earth syn. BFF, Bestie ...

bestie: n. a slang term used in place of best friend that I use only when trying to be funny

stationery addict: n. someone who adores fabulous papers and notecards in order to write love letters and thank you notes; me.

trolling: n. stupidity that only makes twitter a bore; v. an act of pure immaturity; and therefore, a bore.

tweeps: n. a terribly ugly blended word attempting to describe people you interact with regularly on twitter.

tweetochism: n. when you hate a tweet you're about to tweet, but tweet it anyway.
twistie: n. patient, dear friends on Twitter

twit:  n. descriptive label for when you've irritated someone (me); typically not a good thing

twitt:  n. term of endearment for my twitter peeps; opposite of twit; a replacement term for tweeps

twitter: n. creativity at breakneck speed; worldwide penpal service on steroids

a desert beauty

Las Vegas, desert, beauty, slice of life, motorcycles, flash fiction, photography
photograph by O. Sida

The unrelenting sun beats down, but the softness of the breeze cools once it soars across the desert floor. Feeling the heat rising beneath her feet as they fly along the black top, exhilaration sets in. Holding on out of necessity and choice, the thrill of adventure courses through her welcoming veins. Red swirls of desert beauty distract and attract her gaze. Sharp-edged peaks infinitely layered in the distance create an unforgettable landscape already heavy laden with perfect memories, ready to add one more. And then he spoke. Rounded curves faster than fast. Lovely and alluring. Audacious and daring. Thoughts streaking red and black as we pass others on their way. The scent of heightened emotion reaches into the past bringing with it renewed bravery of fortuities yet put onto the future's path.

Half-Birthday Bash: Take Two - The End

I'd like to give a ginormous purple THANK YOU to all the contributors of this year's half-birthday fun:

Underground Photography 
Simply You Simply Me 
My Artistic Ventures 
Deseret Book 
doTERRA Essential Oils 
Indulgent Foods
The Luckiest 
Without them, you would have had to put up with corny half-birthday poems about how much I love, adore, and am obsessed with purple every day for a week. Be grateful. Be very, very grateful.

All kidding aside, I have had a fabulous time and I hope you have, too. I very much look forward to the upcoming year's worth of interactions, growth, and bonding. I couldn't ask for a more encouraging readership. So in order to provide one last gift (a bit more time to get those entries in), I extended the deadline to this evening. Enter more giveaways, share the links, and enjoy the read.

DAY ONE: photography session - Las Vegas area ONLY

DAY TWO: tag templates (downloads)

DAY THREE: book (US residents) AND/OR gourmet cupcakes (Salt Lake/Utah Counties ONLY)

DAY FOUR: essential oils (will ship most places - worldwide)

DAY FIVE: fry sauce (US residents) AND/OR OffTheHook cookies (Las Vegas residents ONLY)

Winners will be notified by the end of next week, if not sooner, but you may check the Rafflecopter announcement at the top of each raffle's widget by the end of this weekend to rule yourself in or out at a glance.

It's been fun, peeps. Don't be a stranger. oxo

Half-Birthday Bash: Take Two - Day 5


To wrap up the week of gifts and fun, I wanted to try something a tad different (I know, I know. I'm way different already, but still.), so I held a taste-testing party. The people at Indulgent Foods aka the makers of Stephen's Hot Cocoa and Stephen's Gourmet Fry Sauce liked the idea and sponsored the event in trade for an honest review, taste-testing by several people, and a twitter party (hashtag is #friesclub in case you want to check out that bit of shenanigans and join the party) all surrounding the fry sauce they offer.

The #FriesClub IRL Party

french fries, fry sauce, food, giveaways, reviews
the homemade fries got devoured
It was a blast! Everybody, except for one person, very much enjoyed Stephen's Gourmet Fry Sauce, and most everyone said they would definitely be buying some. The opportunity to share a product in a casual party atmosphere was a new thing for me and everyone who attended. It made it easy to conversate about likes and dislikes with no pressure to purchase in the moment. One person said it was too ketchup-y. Another said it had amazing flavor but they wished it was thicker. Pretty much every other taste-tester couldn't get enough of the stuff. The fry sauce was a hit.

My opinion of the fry sauce:

I am not big on dipping stuff in anything except for ranch, but I wanted to give this particular brand a try since I enjoy their hot cocoa so much. So anyways, I found myself not being able to get enough of the sauce just like everyone else. It was tasty. The flavor has just enough savor to add to what you're eating without completely covering it up. Also, the consistency is perfect for getting a nice layer on your fry or hot wing without any sloppy globs. In other words--Stephen's Gourmet Fry Sauce is mouth-watering deliciousness and I definitely recommend it.

To top it all off, we had a raffle for two bottles of the stuff. Congratulations to the winners, Sarah S. and Elise B.! 

Since it was impossible for all of this lovely purple community to come taste test the fry sauce in person, today's gift will be a giveaway for a bottle of the fry sauce.

Many thanks to Indulgent Foods for making the #FriesClub IRL Party possible. 

In addition to the lovely fry sauce giveaway, I have a treat in store for you--literally. Shannon, writer of the fresh, new blog The Luckiest has decided to get on the purple half-birthday bash bandwagon and give all y'all a chance to win some of her delectable homemade chocolate chip cookies.  If you live in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, this giveaway is for you!

* Fry Sauce Giveaway is open to U.S. Residents ONLY *

*(1) dozen Offthehook Chocolate Chip cookies Giveaway is open to Las Vegas residents ONLY*

Half-Birthday Bash: Take Two - Day 4

It's hard to believe the party is nearly over. I have had a great time thus far with making some new connections, reading your comments, and realizing how loved I am by the people who have contributed their products or services to help celebrate my purpleness. Sometimes this purple stuff is so out there that I have to smile at my audacious approach to blogging. It can be cookie cutter some days, and, well, other days it so way is not.  

Ok now, onto the gift! A couple of weeks ago, I said I'd give you a giveaway for doTERRA essential oils, and I'm here to make good on that promise today. Many thanks goes to Jimmy and Angela Atkin of doTERRA Essential Oils for making this fabulous gift possible.

Please take a minute to read my review Fabulous: Essential Oils and then take a crack at winning a Trio-pack containing one of each lavender, lemon, and peppermint oils.

* The doTERRA giveaway is open to anywhere in the world it's legal to participate *

Go enter the other party giveaways:

DAY ONE: free professional photography session

DAY TWO: tag templates

DAY THREE: book and/or gourmet cupcakes

Half-Birthday Bash: Take Two - Day 3

Today marks Hump Day which means we must have something different, so we shall have a book review and give away a couple of books AND for those of you who need a little something for when you read, there are a dozen gourmet cupcakes on today's menu. 

First Things First: The Review

Running Into the Wind: Bronco Mendenhall - 5 Strategies for Building a Successful TeamRunning Into the Wind: Bronco Mendenhall - 5 Strategies for Building a Successful Team by Paul Gustavson and Alyson Von Feldt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A uniquely informative and surprisingly applicable book. Bronco Mendenhall has a story worth telling and reading. The strategies outlined within these pages are not just for football or business, but for anyone wanting to reach out to others and be successful. It has an over-arching theme of positivity.

View all my reviews

Last But NOT Least: The Gourmet Cupcakes

Last year, I had four giveaways. This year, I have six, and half of them are from The Firsties. The celebration just feels more complete now with the announcement that Darcy of My Artistic Ventures is bringing her fabulicious creativity to the party for Wednesday. When I got her message that she was in, I knew the week's festivities were now complete. I'm truly grateful for her generosity.

And just so you know--I have this thing for tradition and as long as this ray of creative sunshine wants to participate in these half-birthday shenanigans, she will always have a spot on Wednesdays. It's only right.

* The book giveaway is only open to residents of the U.S. *

There are TWO hardbound copies to give away!

* The cupcake giveaway is only open to residents of the Salt Lake or Utah Counties *

It's not too late to join in the previous giveaways!
Enter here:

DAY ONE: free photography session 

DAY TWO: Tag Templates (crafty downloads) 

Half-Birthday Bash: Take Two - Day 2

giveaway, blog, half-birthday, purple
Today is so many many things. It's Tuesday, Slice of Life Tuesday, and it's Give Another Fabulous Gift Day!

I'm ecstatic to have all my new slicer pals invited to the party this year. I have been enriched as a writer, woman, and future educator from my experience in the Slice of Life community. Thank you.

When my friend Dawn of Simply You Simply Me offered to join the party again I thought to myself Wow, I feel loved and my next thought was I bet my writerly teacherly readership will ADORE what she's gifting. (See last year's blog Mascara Mini-Memoir to learn more about how I know and love Dawn.)

So to get to onto the gift details-- The giveaway is for lovely downloadable tag templates!  Create your own luggage tags for on backpacks, lunch boxes, purses, camera bags, diaper bags, etc. Use them in the classroom for mini-awards, labels for drawers, or anything you can come up with, really.

Dawn printed hers out on photo paper, then used self laminating paper to laminate them, punched a hole and from there you can use twine, ribbon, leather strap, really anything to create the look you like.

The files come in .psd, .tiff, and .png.

Since this gift is a download, the giveaway is open to anyone where it is legal to participate in giveaways! Isn't that fabulous? If you like, check out Simply You Simply Me as a way of saying thanks for offering something so receivable. You might simply fall in love with her site.

Samples of what you can do! by www.simplyyousimplyme.com

In order to enter to win, I'm asking that you write a Six-Word Memoir as a mini slice of life, and then be sure to go to the Rafflecopter widget in order to get your entry(s) in officially.
I offer you my mini-slice as an example: 

Today, I write with positive zeal.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To view the previous day's giveaway, go to: DAY ONE

press the pause button...

Upon The Day Twins Were Separated

I ask for silence for one brief moment
Whilst I draw you into a convergence.

A life-altering act occurred today
So paramount it stole my breath away.
Although its end was not pointed at me,
The injury's breadth and depth art hard felt
Even still, the lump within my throat chokes
Tears well up into blinding pools that soak
All of my thoughts brought into one to melt
The air I breathe is thinner as I see
Into the bright-eyed future, holding on
With every memory they ever shared
Imagination breaks as the day dawns
A set of twins who were forever paired
Forging on in their severed directions.
The day that never would come has arrived.

With tenderness and fullest affection,
I pray their hearts shall quickly be revived.

Dedicated to The Twins:
copycats extraordinaire ~ my defenders to the near death ~
musicians in their dreams and reality ~ beloved brothers o' mine

Half-Birthday Bash: Take Two - Day 1

giveaway, half-birthday, blog
Last year, I didn't know what I was doing and didn't really care because I had a fabulous time creating my own version of a blog party.

This year-- I have learned to love Rafflecopter, still don't know what I'm doing, and want to do something entirely different from last year even though I think this will end up being generic-ish because that's all I have in me right now. But, celebrate we will because I have made it through to another half-birthday and that is really something seeing as I thought I might fade into the past last February.

I would like to start a tradition of beginning each year's half-birthday festivities with a gratitude role for each gift donor from previous years. I hope that the list will keep growing and become a resource for you as you seek out fabulicious products and services.

Many thanks to The Firsties:

Underground Photography

Creative Impressions

My Artistic Ventures

Simply You Simply Me

Now onto this business of throwing a party...

It would only be fitting to start things out with the same fabulousness as last year, right? If you weren't around for last year's celebration, you can read a fun story about Denise of Underground Photography and me here: The Sandlot Story

When I posted the shout out for gift sponsors on Facebook, I truly didn't expect my friend to volunteer again, but I was pleasantly surprised. I am so blessed to have friends who are so talented and giving with those talents.

She is offering the same generous gift as last year:

(1) ONE-HOUR PORTRAIT SESSION with Underground Photography, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, with NO SESSION FEE

This gift is geographically specific, so by entering the giveaway for this particular gift you are stating that you either live in Las Vegas or the surrounding area OR you will be visiting Las Vegas and will coordinate the photography session within your vacation itinerary as permitted by the photographer's schedule.

DO NOT ENTER for this prize if you will not be able to use it under the specific location parameters as outlined above.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tomorrow Is Coming Soon

I don't know about you, but this week has sneaked up on me like nobody's business. It wouldn't be such a big deal except for the fact that tomorrow is the beginning of my blog's 2nd annual Half-Birthday Bash. Why do a half-birthday celebration, you ask? Well, my mom raised me right in the tradition of celebrating of anything and she added in half-birthdays every once in awhile. This every once in awhile really made an impact on me. The biggest half-birthday came when I was 15 and a 1/2.

It was a school day, yet that did not matter. My mom set my driver's permit appointment for very first thing and we headed out with her driving me to the beginning of my world as an independent transporter of my person. I took the test. Passed. Got my photo taken. Then, we walked out to the car and when I went to get into the normally right side of the car, my mom told me I was driving. I was scared! I could not believe she'd just throw me into the deep end like that!! So like any teenager who knows it all, I got into the driver's seat and proceeded to grind the gears and press the brake and gas pedals too hard all the way to school. She was so patient. I will never forget how patient she was teaching me how to drive, diving in head first, on the way to school on my half-birthday.

I obviously did not kill us. I made it to school, entering my biology class like a rockstar with my permit all shiny and new--already used. I felt cool and I owed it all to my mom, once again.

So half-birthdays are pretty important to me.

Even though I don't feel ready and posts might be lumpy and sporadic (like my life right now), I hope you will join me for this still a baby of a blog's 2nd half-birthday. To celebrate, a few friends and businesses have contributed some fun gifts to give away. We have a book, fry sauce, downloadable scrapbooky stuff, a photography session, and essential oils. I know it's pretty random--just like me--and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Over the next week, I look forward to celebrating the existence of this purple niche with all of you.


I could let myself love you
again, though I do not dare
it. I could let you in like
I have before, though it would
be madness. I could let go
of all the memories--good
and bad; though somehow it would
hurt more than remembering
already does with splintered
smiles and laughter to remind
me of why I ever loved
you, why you ever loved me,
why we won't work together
because we love too hard when
we love, and we hate too much
when we forget who we are.
I could miss you this moment,
but I can't because the man
I could love forever went

keeping on keeping on

Why is this life business so tricky? Is it just me? Some days, like today, I think it is just me. I want to swear and kick something, but I don't because I want to stop swearing and sound like the educated person that I am. And let's face it-- kicking something only hurts your foot, breaks the thing that was kicked, or both.

Instead of doing the aforementioned cathartic experience, I will just keep on keeping on.

Seeking to Become - September 2012

spirituality, personal challenge, scripture, quotes

As I begin another year of Seeking to Become segments, I am reflective and full of wonder for how this next year will look, how much I will change. Time and experiences would mould us into what we will be but I ponder on what God would have me be and desire my will to become closer in resemblance to His.

In 2 Chronicles Chapter 33 in the Old Testament, Manasseh has become full of idolatry and has led his kingdom into error until he is bound and taken captive into Babylon by the Assyrian king's men. The scriptures then state:

And when he was in affliction, he besought the Lord his God, and humbled himself greatly before the God of his fathers
2 Chronicles 33:12

God hears his supplication and Manasseh is then restored to his kingdom. He cleanses it of the idols, repairs the holy altar of God, and offers up peace and thanks offerings.

While I am not a king leading my people to condemnation, I am a mother, friend, sister, daughter, and individual with faults need of strengthening. I seek restoration and repair, and in order to achieve them, I know I must seek God, humbling myself before Him. How much do I have to learn before I can overcome my afflictions? A great many things, I'm afraid. However, the humbling learning aids the growth of my understanding and I will be better prepared to face the other challenges of life as they come.

This month's challenge is to do self-introspection to see where we need to improve and seek to humble ourselves before God in whatever areas necessary that we may restore and repair where necessary in order to receive Him into our lives more fully.

I hope you will join me. Your comments are very welcomed, so please feel free to do so if impressed upon to share your thoughts or experiences throughout this month.

related link:

Fabulous: Essential Oils

I did an experiment this summer. A friend gave me a starter-pack of doTERRA essential oils. I promised an honest review. Since I am a lover of tried and true medications and a skeptic of natural stuff (don't ask me why), she really took a leap of faith asking for this review. I do admit that I was intrigued by the experiment, and so I was more than happy for the opportunity.

I used lavender, lemon, and peppermint and here are the results:

purple, photography, essential oils, lavender

Lavender: I used this one the very most (Need you ask why?). I applied it to the bottoms of my children's feet at bedtime and across the back of my neck when feeling stressed. The children usually have a long wind down period, but after some time of using lavender essential oil consistently, they seemed to be able to get to sleep better. They got to liking it so much that they would ask me for it.

I have stress issues. All you have to do is read every other post on here and you'll figure that one out, which means I used the lavender on the back of my neck pretty much daily if not more often. I don't care for the pungent aroma of lavender oil, but it made a difference for me. Who knows if it was just because I knew I was doing something about my stress even when there seemed to be nothing to be done, but it did help calm my nerves. That's all that matters in my book.

Lemon: A few drops of digestible grade doTERRA lemon oil in a glass of water, drinking several glasses a day, takes away swelling. I didn't read this in a book-- a sister-in-law told me and I tried it and it worked.

I had been driving in a car for way too long, staying up way too late, and getting way too little sleep and so my legs and feet suffered with discomfort due to swelling and tension. In my divalicious way, I complained to my sister-in-law. And in her patient-licious way, she reminded me about the lemon essential oil I was supposed to be to trying out and told me about the anti-swelling properties of it. I tried it for a couple of days, reaped the rewards noticeably, then proceeded to forget to continue. At the end of that day, I complained again; she reminded me again; I repented and dutifully used lemon essential oil in my drinking water the rest of the time. It really worked!

Peppermint: I've been told that peppermint essential oil helps to enliven you when sleepy and aids in concentration when studying and such. I tried it and I cannot say for certain if using it directly affected my success, but I know it didn't hurt. The tingling sensation is stimulating, and the scent itself is invigorating.

My peppermint doTERRA essential oil success story comes from when another friend of mine and I were feeling sleepy-ish at church. She had shared peppermint essential oil droplet capsules with me in the past, but this time was different. She told me to put one drop on the back of my hand and lick it with the back end of my tongue, then breathe in deeply. Wow! Talk about cleared sinuses and an awake and alert mind! My nose had been stuffy for quite some time since I have allergies, but not in that moment nor for about 24 more hours afterward. I was astonished by its immediate effectiveness--way better than popping a Sudafed pill that takes twenty minutes to work and causes me to crash and burn after the hype it causes wears off.

Because my experiment had such positive results, I am even more interested in the other benefits of using essential oils and I recommend giving doTERRA essential oils a try.

You can learn more on Facebook here: doTERRA and the direct website here: www.mydoterra.com/oil

To sweeten the end of my experiment, doTERRA essential oils will be part of
The Second Annual All Things Purple Half-Birthday Bash with a giveaway! 
So be sure to come back the week of September 17-21 to join in the celebration.

I was given one (1) three-oil trio pack in exchange for this review.

Buried Treasure

It's been a rough and tumble type of day and all your thoughts tend to lead you into Temptation's unkind hand showing you how to loathe yourself by lathering on negative self talk and unhealthy habits that only create a thriving environment for more self-loathing, which chips away at and inevitably buries the strength you must have to blossom in such an unforgiving world with endless demands on your heart and mind and physical body, until you begin to truly want to give up on your dreams and stop caring so deeply about people who continually spurn what you have to give--what you give so freely and beautifully--as you continue on your journey toward eternity, which appears to be completely out of reach and maybe not for you, no, because maybe you don't deserve to be happy or loved or appreciated or make any measurable difference in this brutal existence since whichever direction you turn there continues to be disheartening and terribly disenchanting dead ends, but then--you reach out one more time with a quiet, pleading heart and someone is able to read your humanity right and care enough to reach out in return even though it might be a risk to take as well to show pure loving understanding, and a treasure is unearthed: friendship in its perfect form.

Hot Off the Presses: Textistory


Have you ever heard of Found Poetry? If not, it is when you take a completely random text such as a short story, pages in a magazine or novel, text messages in your cell phone, etc. and create a poem using only the words and phrases found within that text with small changes for connective tissue, thus creating a completely separate and new piece of writing--a poem.

I want to take this idea and run with it. I want to create Found Stories, which I will label as Textistory. The term is a blended word from texts and history that describes a short story created entirely from text messages we send through our phones. While my first ever textistory will be solely from phone texts, the genre may include any instant/direct messaging.

Now, without any further ado, I give you

Six Weeks

Alexandria just listened to I Think We're Alone Now. No worries. She had a good night's sleep, but not in a calm, controlled type of mood. What were we expecting, really? Still, don't take things so seriously. She is in control of her state of mind and will figure it out; however, they could use a talk. She and Robert.

While together with a friend at dinner, Robert whispers I love it when you talk to me that way...I'm glad you did because life is short, Gorgeous...Do you remember you used to call me that? It makes Alexandria smile and the greenness of her eyes distracts him. That night, unadulterated by electronic devices, their voices become all tangled up, beautiful, and oh so romantic. After a few hours, both have to go but she offers a rain check for another time. So many ways to take that...

On another lovely evening, he realizes how he didn't mind being drawn in to her by lovely compliments. He thinks Be brave. So, like a shamelessly adorable door to door salesperson, he calls in the rain check. She feels fortunate even though it looks like daytime is coming.

Who knows what she told her parents so she could be awake? It takes so little to make Alexandria smile that he knows he should be crossing his fingers he doesn't fall asleep as she laughs and talks softly-- then, she only hears him breathe so she says she is proud of him, loves his writing, and a few goodbyes in sweet tones as not to wake him. Now it's her turn for falling asleep radiant with happiness.

Some time later...

He, proud as a frightened peacock, announces that he is not the marrying kind, but only dates women. History and wishing leverage against her favor. Don't wait around. She realizes the real problem has been all the ambiguity flying about. Rendered speechless, her heart crawls inside itself. Pandora's box. Her first thought is What's wrong with you? Stop. She is enough knowing genuine love can never be madness, except for when we deny or feign it. Remember, it's all about you--a wandering, divine, glimmer girl. You are it.

Exquisite. Pain. Love. Together. On the train to celebrating nothing.

So there won't be any misunderstandings, even if you are sleeping emotionally at the moment, take care and don't underestimate guys.


As far as I'm concerned, texting is such a brutish way of communication. Smoke signals would be much more witty and ravishing...and nerdy.

Book Love

The Adoration of Jenna Fox (Jenna Fox Chronicles, #1)The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A fresh and exciting Can't Put It Down Until It's Done book. Go read it. Now. Hurry.

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