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all I want

All I want is for my family to be happy
How does that happen?
Each person
One by one
Reaching out
With love

All I want is for my family to know
How much I love them
Despite my flaws
I care and will
Reach out
With all the love
Care and concern
That I can muster
Because that's what family does

never thought

I never thought I'd stop to smell the violas
Yet not have some for myself

I never thought I'd take so many pictures
Yet have so little to show for it

I never thought I'd love with such depth
Yet not have someone for myself

I never thought I'd be friends with so many people
Yet have so little returned

I never thought I'd be who I am
Yet here we are

that sky

Wrapped up in that sky
Lies every happy thought
Tied to every cloud
Is the hope of every heart


The magnificence is almost too much
Glorious beauty
That will make you cry
With joy or grief

Depending on the day
The circumstance
Depending on the person
You're standing with


Held in your hand
I learned a great deal
About myself

Then when I was
Put in your pocket
I learned still more

Life. Love. Lies. Truth.
For naïve hearts


dance with me
save me from the cold night
twirl me across the floor
a million times
before we can't

show up for me
remind me why I love to dance
as we listen to another song
that becomes one of ours
for the long haul

come be with me
treat me like I deserve
worth more than a casual
chat now and then
but a full dance card forever—with you