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Comfort escapes me as night falls
I have nothing left to give
My self is trembling on the shelf
Bare, having lost its wherewithal
Fractured walls, left open doors, exposed

Tracing the trail of hope 
This catalyst of chemical reaction
Hold my battered beautiful heart
I set it on the doorstep of your home
Like an orphaned child waiting in the rain

The wind whips and takes its toll
Cold and damp has taken hold
The sun promises to shine
But it keeps on hiding behind the clouds
Joy must be waiting on the other side 

beautiful pain

Looking through glass: Henrietta, Texas
going to school
learning to write your name
scratching little squiggles on the page
not knowing who is your friend
does anyone like you
realizing not everyone will
or does

bearing children
watching them grow
taking their first steps
having to let go
hearing that first no and every no
that signal you are not alone
you cannot always have a say

growing up
seeing yourself become so much
wondering if it will ever be enough
living with your heart on your sleeve
in slow motion as the years go by
crushed with knowing how the world works
devastated by rejection and loss

looking ahead
reaching for goals
hoping that someone wants to join you
doing it alone because you can and must
until your beautifully painful humanity
is recognized as something wonderful
and the rubble becomes treasure beyond price

hop the fence

Spring winter spring
This is a thing
Buds do blossom
Frostbite sets in
Yet somehow
With love and care
And a splash of magic
Spring sets in again
Beckoning summer
An endless gorgeous summer
To settle in on the other side of yesterday 


night's black and white

Shannon, Texas

Take me with you 
I wished upon a star
Take me where you always are
Let us loose 
I pleaded with the night
Hand me over to my muse

Let him cherish me in the light
As we paint our arid landscape new 






loving expressions

Sharing food, photographs, self
Making time despite a lack thereof
Finding sweet and fun, thoughtful things to give 
Creating wondrous space in this life we live
Handing out encouragement like candy
Sending smiles along the wires ever fondly

Taking it all in gladly

glad garden

Roses bloom in this glad garden
Smiling reds and purple passions
Soak up the sun in all its grand glory
Friendship for a soil
Kindness, sweetness, cheerful chatter

Feed the roots and force their smile

steady love

Seek the quiet good
Beseech my fair soul
Meet me along the frayed edge of separate
Peek at this wonderful us until you're sure
Teach me what you know
Beat a rhythm of love only I can hear
Bespeak all favors
Reach outside of self
Complete loving trust, darling, with affection


Your light invariably bright 
Came midst my dank night
I shrank at first sight 
Until the warmth of its delight
Carried me further and henceforth 
Toward your precious heart
That sends me 
To a happiness I have yet to touch
Breaking this streak of bleak 
Black upon the horizon

Never to look back on the cave 
That once held me captive