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breathtaking view

Terrible black clouds come tumbling in
Yet you, my sentry of sorts,
Stand watch at the door
Keeping them from trespassing

Into this heart your affection has burrowed
Deep beneath the hard-shelled surface
Cracking the safe that used to hold
Every fear and misgiving

Pressing upon the glass
The view, this breathtaking view,
From where I stand
Brightening life into a lustrous shine

Without affectation of any kind
Patience and tenderness
Gently and presently subdue
The hurt, which threatens

That simplicity of kindness beckons
To adore your infinite multiplicity
With all that I have to give
Albeit a seemingly untimely gift

The fondness wells up from below
Layers of being that flourish
Between your fingers, which play
The strings of this burgeoning heart

Reach out into the starry night
Past the endless winter
Welcoming a beaming spring
That will keep until we

Both are at the golden threshold
Ready for what has been in store
From the perfectly imperfect beginning
Watching for the sun from a sure shore

thankful heart

Many good and wonderful things have been coming about over the past week or so, and now I hardly know what to do with myself. The one immediate thing I can think to do is to express gratitude.

I have been encouraged at every turn with positivity and love. When I have doubted myself, a hand has been outstretched to help me see the happier reality. Life has been a downtrodden mess while being the most heavenly experience as well. For every struggle, someone has been there for me right when I needed support, at times in the very moment before tasting despair. That everlasting hopefulness of mine continues to rule my world, and for once I am proud of it.

Today is no different than any other time. Rejoicing in the goodness of life in one moment, only to be rudely interrupted and dragged back into a nightmare in the next. Yet, because of all the rejoicing and gladness, I was finally strong enough to kick against the darkness and reject it. I am still basking in the warmth of happiness despite the attempted hijacking.

This day and always I am thankful for every single person who has helped to strengthen this heart of mine. Your encouragement, your thoughtfulness, and your love in all degrees and portions have made a difference.

purple, lavender, autumn, fall, frost, photography

verbosity—a note to self

I've always been fond of words and writing and speaking until I used them so much that I overused them.

Sometimes we need to know when to cut our words short, and every once in awhile silence is the order of the day. Just knowing when to calm down and let quiet wash over your mind can be what makes everything better. You don't always need to get every single word out onto the page because sometimes no one can handle or should even need to try to handle all the whirring about that goes on up inside that active mind of yours. So figure out how to calm yourself by letting silence do the talking. Let quiet get a word in edgewise.


photography, blue skies, clouds, poetry

I attempted to run, to forget you and all that you entail,
Even all the day long, yet the very effort placed an ache
Within each breath stolen opposite of your direction.

The sun drenched sky, in its ethereal beauty,
Beckoned brightly for more unearthly wishes
To be softly whispered into its high strung clouds.

Faintly, I held to the notion that you might care.
Gingerly, I carried your kindness in my untried hands.
Wistfully, I share this affection that pins me down yet lifts me.

Turning to your precious heart and facing what I need,
Punching out new holes in my unhealed heart from which to bleed,
With a sure and happy hope I say to the sky, I stay out of love not fear.

Blanketed in the certainty and strength of this truthful song,
My heartfelt words melt into you, the atmosphere, and beyond.

too much

This path keeps on with the twists and turns. Maybe I need to break my habit of being a planner type of person. Maybe I should just accept the fact that I'm more like a leaf being blown about by the breeze right now, and be glad in it. Leaves are lovely things, even enchanting in autumn. I just hope I don't have to make it through another winter like this. I just can't. 

faithful heart

Texas, sunsets, photography, poetry

stripping bits and pieces off
of the threads that hold it all 
together within the center of me

unravelling the core of my hopes
and dreams only to find another scrap
of something untouchable and free

trembling in the fierce and forceful wind
of the tempests of daily life
stealing away every part but that one

wishing with something more than 
just a wish on a star in the fading light of day
but with faith embedded forever in our foundation

growing in love I never thought possible
proving my weathered heart ever more grateful