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SOLSC 2014: Tomorrow is Poetry

I can't even say where the time went. How did 31 days go by so very quickly? The road I've traveled seems so short yet so much has gone on in the same time. Each day has been packed with delights and let downs, gladness and sorrow, peace and war. I hardly know what to say about it all except that this past month has been a perfect segue for National Poetry Month which follows in April—tomorrow. Lately heart has been quieter than normal for poetic words, but I have become filled with new poetry as March had its way with me.

There is so much to come. So many more words to be written . . . 

Seeking to Become - March 2014

For some time now, I've been meditating on where I want my life to go, who will be part of it, and how I will accomplish it. The fact that I do this monthly spiritual challenge shows me that I am at least trying to find my way. Sometimes, though, the days are long and difficult to get through, but I find myself encouraged today by this verse of scripture:

Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. 
Matthew 7:7

I am not perfect in the least; however, I feel like I've been doing something right as I read this passage. I felt a sense of happiness, knowing I do seek out the Lord, because through Christ's example I can overcome. 

The struggles of this life demand that we become seekers of answers, seekers of solutions, and seekers of truth. I would also add that we ought to be seekers of love. I want to be part of the good things in life and help others to be able to see how beloved they are or could be. 

I hope you will join me in seeking to realize what we are doing well and seek the truth we lack so we can return to live with our Father in Heaven one day. 

SOLSC 2014: Leaving the Light On

Tonight, I realized something. My little guy doesn't need the hallway light on anymore.

Since the separation and divorce, he became anxious about having the lights off before falling asleep at nighttime, so for awhile (many months) I'd let him keep the bedroom light on until he was sleeping. Slowly, I negotiated less and less time with it on, switching to allowing the hall light to be left on until he was asleep instead. It has become routine for me to read to him, say prayers with him, then turn his light off and switch on the hall light if it wasn't on already. But tonight, I felt so tired. I've been working as hard as I can to do well at school, home, and trying to establish some semblance of a social life. Emotions have been running high, too, which is exhausting for me.

So, I flicked the switch off and headed upstairs without turning on the hall light, got to the top of the stairs and realized that I forgot to turn the light on but he didn't cry out. I felt so happy and proud of my tiny guy right at that moment, yet the very next moment brought a tinge of melancholy because time is going by so quickly. Before I know it, all of my children will be grown.

I can see myself as an old woman leaving on the hall light from time to time just to remember the days when my children were small. 

SOLSC 2014: Fifth Grade

I honestly thought I'd never have to do another fifth grade report ever again after I made sure to do an extra good job on my science fair project back in the day. Alas, I relived the good old days yesterday as I assisted my sweet girl with her fifth grade biography project. 

One thing to consider is that I don't believe in assisting in any major ways with school projects, so her emotionality must have really got to me. She did do all of the research herself and even did all of the writing until I got my hands on it since she was freaking out. My editor eyes just could not resist the polishing that I love so much. I think she might have been offended a bit at first because I kept adding a word here and there and deleting a word there and here. But then, she could see how her mom was making something great into something brilliant, and my mini-me decided that she could calm down and let me help her a little bit. 

Taking that time to help her made it to where half of my own homework was late and the other half was less than intelligent. But I wouldn't change anything about it. My sweet girl knows I love her because I gave her the gift of time. 

Hope Springs

Hope Springs (Longing for Home, #2)Hope Springs by Sarah M. Eden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Going off of my experience with the first book, Longing For Home, I anticipated enjoying the sequel—and I did. What I did not anticipate was being so moved by this second book.

Hope Springs picks up almost right where we left all of them in the previous book. That's something that I value because we don't have to fill in any gaps in the story. It's all right there waiting. The struggles with poverty, racism, and grief that are portrayed appeal to the humanity in all of us. Eden writes to that soft spot in our hearts and depicts a world that begs to be overcome.

Katie Macauley faces life changing decisions. The plight of the Irish Road against the Red Road has twists and turns and a surprising, even astonishing, conclusion. Love is beautifully woven into the fabric of this story.

And lastly, the theme "hope springs eternal" from Alexander Pope's "An Essay on Man" adds a layer of depth that speaks to me as a person. Reading about Katie's hopeful attitude in such dire circumstances inspires me. I laughed and cried as I read this book. I hope you will enjoy Hope Springs as much as I did.

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SOLSC 2014: Graduation

Things just got real. Well, actually, they've been pretty darn real already with all the practicum hours and mind-crushing editing deadlines lately. So to be accurate, things just got more real. I received my deadline to apply for graduation. 

I've been chipping away at my teaching/editing degree for so long that it has truly been a journey. We don't need to pretend in the least. So much has changed since I enrolled in my first college course:  

I broke up with the boy I thought I would marry. 
I got married (to someone other than that boy). 
I had four children. 
Both of my parents died. 
I raised my niece. 
I moved. 
I made friends I never would have if I didn't move. 
I got divorced. 

And I'm still not graduated—yet. 

If this isn't a bona fide adventure, I don't know what is. I've learned so much more than book knowledge and have felt the guiding force of God as I took each step along the way. Despite the tears and heartache that have been ever-present, I feel so entirely blessed to have come so far. 

And I wonder at how much further I will be able to go once I pass this milestone. 

SOLSC 2014: A Very Short Narrative

A Romantic Tragedy/Reality

The knowing wasn't the hardest part. And it wasn't the acting upon the knowing that hurt. The aftermath of feeling so much love is what was killing part of her, deep down inside. It was having to let go despite the realization that she couldn't breathe without him; rather, she didn't want to breathe without him.

In the end, we carry on as if nothing ever happened. 


Not sure if you know what a NCMO is, so I will tell you. It stands for noncommittal make out. I'm also not quite sure why I feel the need to tell you about this, but I do, so I will, because that's just how we roll around here on this blog.

I am a firm believer in the NCMO so long as you're not going crazy and it's with someone you have some connection with. Kissing perfect strangers is not the smartest of moves, so I don't recommend it—even though in my younger years I did that on occasion. Kissing is a beautiful and fun thing to engage in, and I won't deny that I have really missed being kissed, at the very least.

I don't want to kiss and tell, so I won't. But I will say that I have a renewed love for NCMOs.

SOLSC 2014: Found Time

Time is a funny thing. We are using it even if we are doing nothing with it. Time slips through our fingers by the millisecond.

Understanding this truth, I try to make the best use of my time as often as possible. I use the qualifier "as often as possible" because sometimes life can be so overwhelming that I simply don't realize that time is passing me by at the rate that it does. I'm sure we can all identify with that feeling for one reason or another. But one of my hopes is that I can learn to embrace the time I have with more purpose and zest, regardless of my circumstances.

Be The Change

My parents raised me to be an avid movie goer, but I don't believe they realized the impact their guidance in this area would have on my life.

I learned to not only love movies but to internalize the whole experience. Some of the best of times in my recollection involve standing in line on opening day, or sitting with my mom and dad in a theater or in front of the television experiencing something new or different or beloved through a movie.

The most epic opening day that I can claim is when I stood in line with my family for the movie Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. I remember seeing the line of people wrapping around the Huntridge theater and the large painted mural of Darth Vader larger than life with Dorothy Gale and other fascinating characters from famous movies along an entire outside wall that we were standing near. I won't even attempt to describe the electricity in the room when everyone found out for the first time that Vader was actually Luke's father. You had to be there.

Opening days are exciting, but there is something to be said about the at-home movie experience as well.

I remember sitting around the television, with all of my family, watching Gandhi. My mom was crocheting something and my dad was in his recliner, and my brothers and I were piled around on the floor and bed (our television was in my parents' bedroom because my dad was in his chair or bed much of the time). My father kept commenting on what a good man Gandhi is and praising his influence, and I remember seeing him weep at some of the parts as if we were there in that moment in India. My father had a very good friend who is Indian, so maybe that is why he felt so sensitive. Regardless of why, the experience taught me to allow myself to feel all that there is to feel even though a movie is just an interpretation of events, oftentimes lifetimes away from when you watch it, or even a complete fabrication. Because of my father, I love Gandhi—what he did for his people and what he represents as a human being. He lived for his fellow man, and I have wanted to be like him since I saw that movie.

I don't necessarily want to starve myself to death for the cause of peace, but I can starve myself of the wickedness of the world: the hate, the anger, the violence. I am not perfect at this, but I think of Gandhi and his words when I am striving to do more, striving to better my life and the lives of those around me.

In all of my ventures, I strive to "be the change that [I] wish to see in the world." And I thank the people who created the movie Gandhi and my parents for sharing it with me that I might be influenced so greatly by someone who lived half a world away and died long before I was alive.

SOLSC 2014: Climbing Bleachers

Whenever I think about interacting with guys, I wonder about my perception of the situation.

There was this boy—my first boyfriend ever—who taught me that things aren't always how they seem. That doesn't sound quite right, but it's true, and I count it as a good thing.  Upon reflection, he really did me a great service.

I climbed up the back of the bleachers at a high school football game to get to him for a kiss. What I didn't know is that my grand romantic gesture would not be enough to tempt him to continue being my boyfriend. I didn't even know that I needed to worry about us breaking up. We were going to be together forever. But then, all of a sudden, we weren't. (For the full bleachers story, click here.) Isn't that how things go? It's a fact of life that if a relationship doesn't last, it ends. My romantic self has a hard time dealing with the concrete nature of it though. And there's not much I can do about it. 

So here I am today, flung out into the dating world, and I can't get those bleachers off my mind. The romantic notions seem to come bubbling up from the ground when I'm interested in someone, but I must learn to balance it out with the essential question are they genuinely interested in me? I don't want to do a metaphorical climbing of the bleachers only to realize that it is a one-sided romance. But if I don't reach out and act upon my inclinations, I will be denying myself the pleasure of seizing precious moments as they come. What's a girl to do?!

These thoughts are running rampant as I put my foot onto the first steel beam, ready to scale me some bleachers today. 

SOLSC 2014: Dishwashers

You don't really think about it until something goes wrong. We are spoiled by our modern contraptions like microwaves, washer and dryers, and dishwashers. 

My dishwasher is deciding to break, and so it has been nearly impossible to keep up with the piles of dirty dishes as I am at the most trying time of the semester. I don't see how I will be able to function until I have time to have a repairman come out and take a look at the blessed thing. Let's hope it can be fixed.

Now, let's have a moment of appreciation for all of the good-working appliances we use every day. 

SOLSC 2014: Uphill Battle

A jalopy sputtering and coughing forward, then rolling back as the engine dies but always making progress is how I like to picture my current self. It makes me laugh.

The mental picture is of a big old boat of a 1970s car in powder yellow working its way up a San Francisco hill in a neighborhood with those colorful houses all stacked on top of each other, up and down the sloping hills. I see it rolling backward a bit, hear it backfiring, and with a punch of the gas, feel it roaring forward—until it dies again—continuing on the vicious cycle yet always inching a little more forward up that hill than it had gone before.

The hills have varied in their difficulty, and the jalopy isn't even visibly purple. I'm thinking once it gets restored to its rightful beauty, purple paint will be a top priority. But until then, the yellow stands for the sunshine that is ever-present as it climbs uphill, one dramatic punch of the gas at time.

SOLSC 2014: Unlucky

I wore green for St. Patrick's Day, but it did me no good when I went bowling.

The quarterfinals were today and I bowled a 97 and 105—or something like that—which were the two lowest scores I've bowled in over a month! I thought it would be fun to participate. I'd not get pinched. I would be lucky. All good things would be mine if I wore green for St. Patrick's Day.

I repent the notions. Purple is my lucky color and no holiday can change that.

There is a happy side to this story. My team, the Purple Cobras, still won.

SOLSC 2014: Layers

To really understand a person, you have to get through to their heart. The journey to know someone that closely can't be traveled by just anyone. It takes friendship—even love—to go that distance.

Everyone wants to be understood, but oftentimes we aren't patient enough with ourselves and others to allow understanding to be reached. Asking the right questions and taking time to listen, to really listen, are steps in the right direction. Peeling back layers of guardedness caused by human suffering takes the most patience and love because there is an awkwardness that makes communication a challenge once people allow themselves to be vulnerable. Empathy and deep compassion become essential once underlying layers become exposed. 

I have a love/hate relationship with peeling layers off and allowing my raw self to be exposed to judgment. I love it when I can see someone realizing who I am inside, but that feeling is chased by a dread of rejection. Hurt keeps me from opening up to the people I would like to most. 

I hope that I learn how to balance out these two feelings because it would be a dream to get all these layers off. 

SOLSC 2014: Happy

Nothing about today went as planned, but I must admit I was able to let it roll off my back more easily because I feel happier than I have in awhile.

It is so refreshing to have plans that are exciting. And you know what else has been bringing me joy? Writing letters—both snail mail and email sorts. There is something about writing that makes me happy to begin with, but then add a captivating person to exchange letters/emails with and it is pure magic for me.

The weeks ahead have so much work packed into them, but I also have a smattering of delightful activities on the menu to be experienced in between all of those deadlines.

I can't promise to tell all, but you will definitely be privy to any poetry or short stories that may be inspired as a result of embracing life in new ways.

SOLSC 2014: What a day!

  • Formally asked on a date by a stranger for the first time in almost two decades
  • Accepted the invitation!
  • Oil change and other less ordinary car stuff
  • Ironed out plans for my first date as a single person after almost two decades of not being single
  • Smiled for approximately 4.5 hours solid after that!
  • Talked on the phone with a sweetheart sister-in-law
  • Transformed my daughter with autism into a princess for a ball 
  • My neighbor came over and helped by doing her makeup! 
  • Dressed to impress as I transformed into a chauffeur for the special needs dance
  • Wardrobe malfunction caused me to tug at my undershirt all night 
  • I won't wear that dress again!
  • Time ran out for thinking any academic thoughts
  • I needed a break! 

SOLSC 2014: Shakespeare and Roses

Writing is my passion and getting published is a fuel for that fire. Right? But whenever I think about the byline on things I write, I step back and almost don't want publishers to look at me until I figure out what I want to do about it all. I'm holding my breath until I can recognize myself again.

Who am I anyway? All of this identity crisis garbage points me toward Shakespeare when he spoke wisdom through the voice of fair Juliet:
What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
Not that I'm a rose, but I need to figure out how to get past this role reductionist mentality I have been living with and take ownership of this existence. I am of worth with so much to offer the world—regardless of what name I go by. It probably just takes time to iron out stuff like an identity crisis, but I have some things going out to press soon, so I really need to figure it out sooner than later!

SOLSC 2014: Sick and Tired

My sweetie girl who has autism is sick. With my other children getting ill is not that big of a deal, but with her it is. She can't express how she is feeling, so a great deal of direct supervision is necessary to make sure she doesn't have a seizure, keeps on breathing, and gets better. Before now I haven't really thought about all that I have to do to take care of her when she's unwell. And the only reason I even started thinking about it is because I've been exhausted physically and mentally over the past several days. The majority of my day was spent caring for her and nodding off whenever she was resting. It reminded me of how people tell young mothers to sleep when the baby sleeps. Well, I 'm here to attest that it is good advice even when your baby is seventeen years old. I'd be totally psycho tired right now if I hadn't taken those couple of cat naps.

It's funny how we just do what is required of us and don't think about the details until there are adverse effects. I am so grateful for this girl and all the light and learning she provides that it never seems like work to help her. However, my yawning and inability to focus on anything when I do have a chance to think is proof that there is a toll being taken.

Hopefully tomorrow we will see a turning point and she will be well again! 

SOLSC 2014: Helpers

The load I carry is probably the same as anyone else's, yet whenever I stop to contemplate why things seem so difficult for me especially, I think of a pack mule.

Yes, I said a pack mule.

As I already acknowledged, we all carry a load. But how is the weight distributed for each of our individual journeys? Maybe some people have theirs all organized perfectly, so the weight of it is distributed evenly for the duration. Maybe some of us struggle to enter the world and childhood is tough, but then things iron and seem like smooth sailing. Or the opposite. Great life and then at the end, whenever that may be, the load is now at its full weight and seems unbearable.

And then there is me. I don't know if/when the weight distribution will ever get into its light phase, but I do know I've been carrying a heavy load for a majority of my life thus far. Maybe I'm the type that needs constant heavy pressure to keep going. Maybe I need to struggle along so I don't get too full of myself.

Maybe I just feel like a pack mule. I think that's probably the real issue. I have so many burdens that just don't ever go away no matter what I do. But right there, that's where the beautiful part comes in.

While I might not ever have a light load to carry, I seem to always have helpers who walk a stretch with me along my path who take what they can. I am now picturing people walking with baskets on their backs or clay water jugs balanced on their heads, stepping in line with me as our paths meet momentarily. Someone will reach out to show me their example. Another person will practically hold my hand through a "group project" and never begrudge the extra time they needed to give to help me learn from the experience. Some of these basket and jug carriers help with my children or share things with me that make life sweeter or offer hugs and smiles and listening ears.

I don't know about you, but I've never heard of a pack mule having an entourage just to help it along its way. Yet, somehow, there are too many people to count helping me to see this journey through to the end.

If you're reading this, you're one of the helpers I am speaking of, and I thank you with all of my heart.  In the moments when I don't think I can take another step, I feel one of you helping to lift and bless my existence.

SOLSC 2014: Itchy

Allergies seriously cramp my style. I used to get an itchy spot on my foot or face or anywhere and not think anything of it. I used to be able to rub my eyes when they'd get itchy without a thought to it. But then all at once, those little itches turned into hints that anaphylactic shock was on its way. So, now I can't let any little itch go without checking and watching and trying to remember when in the world was the last time I took an antihistamine. I could be overly paranoid; however, being instructed by the doctor (after the third occurrence) that it is extremely life threatening and I need to be more aware and take care, I just don't think there is any way to be overly cautious. It's simply keeping myself alive. 

And all this was typed as I keep watch over (and try not to scratch the top layer of skin off) the red, itchy patches on my feet that flared up when I sat down to write. 

Never a dull moment around here. 

SOLSC 2014: Laughter

I have this friend. He's a pen pal (those still exist), plus more. We talk on the phone and send snail mail letters occasionally and write emails on average once a week. I mention him because I received an email letter today that was absolutely chock-full of silly humor. He's a very funny guy, but it seemed like he lathered on a double layer of silliness intuitively.

Today was a negative day and so was yesterday. I went to church and didn't even get out of my funk then. By the end of church, I was so negative that I even said some swear words in the hall when relating how I was feeling to a friend! Seriously, what the heck is wrong with me?!

So anyway. When I slowed down, put on pajamas, and shut out the world, I read his letter and couldn't help but laugh from the very start. Normally, I'd never laugh about anything to do with house fires, but he was poking fun at himself so hard that all I could think about is how his microwave usage tale would be a great writing sample for hyperbole. Then I had to laugh some more at my nerdy teacher self.

And now I am reveling in the beauty of clean humor and how laughter can chase away tears and negativity. Quite miraculous.

SOLSC 2014: Hoping for Calm

I wrote a bunch of stuff, going on about how my heart and mind are doing, but then I repented the notion and I erased it all. 

There's no one with whom I can or should share all of this. This mountain of dashed hopes is only good for making others uncomfortable or feel guilty. And neither one of those are things I want to do to you, my friends and readers. 

So, I will tell you that knowing someone is reading this keeps me going. Right here, this blog, is the spot of calm I've created for myself and you are part of it. Thank you. 

SOLSC 2014: slicing

It feels strange to think that we're into the second week of the writing challenge, but it is true. I guess my report is that I'm surviving the challenge relatively well. Words haven't completely quit me yet, so there must be something working for my good here. The other truth is that while I've found words each day, they haven't always come easily. For instance, right now. I nearly forgot that I have a plan to slice every day. When it dawned on me that I hadn't written a slice of life yet, disappointment settled in somewhat. I wished so hard that I could just go to sleep. Who cares if you don't do the challenge every single day? It's not that big of a deal. Right? 

Wrong. I care if I do the challenge. I care because I know that I become a better writer when I push myself and participate in other people's writing challenges. So, you might say it's a pretty big deal—even if no one else can see why. 

SOLSC 2014: The Avatar Battle

I'm really excited about today's slice of life for a few reasons.

The first reason is because I tried something new: I created a book talk. Some of you might not think this is a very big deal. But let me tell you something, it was nerve-wracking to make the video, and now that it's out there all I can think about is how weird I look and sound.

So anyway. Here is the book talk of all book talks:

The next reason I'm excited is because I was able to read an interesting book. I haven't taken time to read something outside of academic reading for way too long. It was refreshing. There's something wonderful about escaping into a good book.

I'm especially excited to tell you that I have a book giveaway for you as well! So after you take a minute to read the review, make sure to enter to win a copy of The Avatar Battle by Chad Morris.

The Avatar Battle (Cragbridge hall, #2)The Avatar Battle by Chad  Morris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The action begins from the get go in the sequel to The Inventor's Secret. Right when you think the tension couldn't get any higher, it does. But the same comic relief from Carol can be counted on. One of my favorite parts about The Avatar Battle is how Carol plays a larger role and we get to know Derick better as well.

Action and adventure set in a futuristic secondary school for gifted students is a magical combination. Thrills and chills and awkward moments for the young people keep the story fresh and interesting.

I recommend this book to ages 10 and up. Even the avid YA Lit reading adult will find this story worth reading.

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Now go to the top of the blog to enter the giveaway! Good luck!

SOLSC 2014: The Bus Dilemma

Wake up.
Review the day's schedule.
Freak out.
Wake up children.
They freak out.
Where are my clothes?
Don't miss your bus.
I won't miss my bus.
Uh, yeah you will.
Goofing around and talking and playing.
Everyone else getting ready and making messes there won't be time enough to clean up.
Put on makeup.
Breathe, you just need to breathe.
Yell down the stairs to hurry up even though it's already past time.
And you both know it.
Run out the door.
Two minutes later.

. . . Silence . . .

. . . More silence . . .

. . . A look . . .

. . . Another look . . .

Dude, I told you.
I'm sorry.
I don't believe you.
I am.
Figure out how to show me.
Showing is what matters most. 

SOLSC 2014: Strong Women

My heart is so full today. A great-aunt passed away and my mother's anniversary of her death is fast approaching. My thoughts are also turned to my great-grandmother as well as the grandmother I never knew who died when my mom was only 15 years old in this very same month.

I remember my Great Aunt Jean helping around the house when I was dropped off to spend time with her mother, my Great Grandmother Effie. I remember thinking of them as friends. As I recall it now, I must have always been an old soul, watching and making note of things like that. I was only between the ages of 3-6 when I would spend the night with my great grandma.

I don't really know why I would get sent over there. Maybe my mom knew time was short for my great grandma, and she wanted us to know each other since I couldn't know her mom. Maybe I was a handful since I already had three or four younger brothers at home by that time (depending on the year). Maybe I needed to be with older people who could be patient with my brooding ways. Regardless of why I went there, I learned a great deal at a young age about the importance of family and what it means to be a strong woman. I will always be grateful to Great Aunt Jean for showing me a shining example of how to be a dutiful and loving daughter.

March is a sacred month to me because of these great women who have left a path for me to trod that is decorated with a rich heritage and strewn with opportunities at every turn. I am who I am today because of them. 

SOLSC 2014: Disenchanted

Heading onto the dance floor has become something I dread, as of late. I haven't felt the immense enjoyment that I used to for awhile now. It doesn't make any sense to me, yet what I say is true.

Maybe I've forgotten how to just have fun with it instead of worrying about whether or not I'm doing the steps correctly. You know something? I'm probably micromanaging dancing now because I haven't been able to affect change in other areas of my life.

How's that for an analysis. Good grief. 

SOLSC 2014: Uninvited

There's nothing quite like the paranoia that poisons the simplicity of friendship once you allow even just one single doubt to creep in and take root.

I find myself questioning how people see me and what they think about who I am and how I conduct myself. I let myself feel unwelcome and unwanted. When this happens I become irrational, entertaining negative self-talk, and nothing seems to soothe my fear of rejection.

Always at arm's length. That's all I can focus on, until I don't. Then, I push away the uninvited feelings and let myself recall all the positive sides of life. I can see, once again, those individuals who are reaching out and inviting me to be part of their lives. That I'm not pushing myself on them. People actually enjoy my company.

But until I stop embracing negativity, I sit here feeling like a cast off freak with no home always walking on eggshells wishing for unattainable safety and not knowing if or when I will ever feel like I belong anywhere. Ever. 

SOLSC 2014: Strength

To get them all in a row, like ducks at the pond, seems silly as I look back. Why do I bother? Why do I try?

I keep forging onward because my instincts tell me to do so. Pushing forward for me is like a duck taking to water. It just happens. At times, I don't see how I can keep on going—yet I do. Where does the strength to overcome come from?

I cannot see it, but I feel it as if I could touch it. My faith shines like diamonds and cuts through the strife of every trial. It breaks through unseen barriers and keeps me warm amidst the long and biting winter.

SOLSC 2014: Introduction

For the past two years, I have participated in The Two Writing Teachers' month-long, daily Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC) in March. This March, I can hardly see how I will be able to keep up with everything else and participate; however, the previous two times I did participate, I came away from it with more than I could have imagined. I gained insights on myself, others, perspectives, feelings, writing in general, and other abstractions. So, with that said, I will do my best to continue participating in the SOLSC.

As I write this slice, I hear the pitter-patter of rain on the window and feel soothed by it. Possibly that soothing is why I believe I can make it through the daily SOLSC. I embrace this delusion and can only hope to be soothed throughout the month until I wake up from it all just in time for April's Poetry Month madness.

I do have a bit of fun up my sleeve for next week. I am doing two book reviews/giveaways to help make the slicing celebratory in a literal sense.

I hope you will stop by throughout the month to see how things are going along and to join in the fun.