straight up legit

Teacher observations are something that I've been through before and done well at. But this one went so perfectly that I think I'll never have a better one in my life.

I teach Digital Journalism, so I need to hit curriculum points for the differing categories that my course falls under for my students' graduation requirements. It's a lot to juggle, I'm sure all the teachers can imagine. As I planned for the evaluation today, I wondered if I would do well or if I'd be seen as a wreck of a teacher. I haven't felt like a wreck, but that someone looking from the outside in thing has provided many a reality check throughout the years!

So anyway. I was given high praise for my "excellent classroom community" and for the caliber of student progress, and so much more. And I just feel so legit. It's the one word that keeps rising to the top, and it's simply perfect. I am a legit professional educator now. It's a fact I need to remind myself when I feel like I don't know what I'm doing.

There is no better feeling than this right now. I needed to be praised for something good and given credit for my efforts. I am thankful for it all too. 


  1. Congratulations to you. Enjoy your moment as it seems those perfect evaluations are far and few when everything clicks perfectly.


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