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chocolate makes everything better

The past few weeks have been rough. I've been sick with a terrible cough the entire time, and there have been some pretty serious setbacks in my personal life. Staying downhearted isn't a preferred option for me, but with being forced to rest so much and having rugs taken out from underneath me, I must admit I've struggled with being positive. I've cried a few tears and gone through bouts of "quiet." However, all the while, I have had love and encouragement coming at me from all sides.

Friends, family, neighbors, readers, and kind service workers (of all random people to be grateful to) have been completely wonderful. I've been brought dinner and health supplements, taken on drives, gone for ice cream and a good talk (while ignoring my hacking cough) for a mini Girls Night Out, called "love" twice by the service worker, listened to while I cry and cough, and entertained with texts, movies, and good company. Throughout my most difficult times, surges of lovingkindness always come at me, yet I am always surprised by it all. And sometimes I get really surprised.

I haven't told anyone this, until now, but Mother's Day has become an extra stressful situation for me the past few years. My children always make a lovely effort to show their love and appreciation for me, but without someone other than myself to help them, they get anxious about it all. So, of course, I start fretting about their fretting about two weeks prior to the holiday. This revelation means that I have not only been sick, tired, and dealing with stupid stuff, but I've also been worrying over something that is supposed to bring me joy.

And then—my children were shown that you don't even have to have met someone and they will help you celebrate their mother.

Last week, I received a package on my doorstep from a darling friend. The package contained a beautifully presented box of fine chocolates with a simple message enclosed. The card reads, "'A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.' — Victor Hugo Happy Mother's Day!!" The thoughtfulness of the gesture has me beside myself with gratitude. My friend couldn't have known how my children had been fretting or of my concern for them, and then he goes and does that.

I believe that the special people in our lives have this way of knowing what we need and when we need it—even if they don't understand all the reasons why. Because they care, any motivation is reason enough. For whatever reason my friend chose to send that Mother's Day gift, all I know is how much happiness was felt as a result of that choice.

What a gift and a treasure. And I'm not talking about the chocolates.


  1. Love that quote from Victor Hugo! I have never heard it before. What a dear friend, what perfect timing, to be showered in this way. Lucky you!!

    1. It was perfectly wonderful. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What a beautiful quote! You are well loved.

    1. I'm suspecting you could be right, but let's not tell him. He might run away. Thanks for reading!


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