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crash and burn

The high was too much.
She didn't know what to do
With feeling success.
Time had passed for too long
Since the race to catch up
Had time enough to stop.
Even for a moment
She could not allow contentment
To take root within her heart.
Because success did not come
In the form she had wished
She never let any version
Give satisfaction or peace.
Defining her self
With one flicker of time
Like a lovesick fool.
Crashed into a dead end
Of dreams that never will be.
Burned up on the inside
With darkest disappointment.


  1. A powerful poem. The words that speak volumes to me are "She could not allow contentment to take root within her heart." I quickly looked at some of your other entries, and I love the ones where you have a prompt on top of the jar. I've never considered writing daily during a break, but with Dana Murphy's post about winter break writing plans and the discovery of your prompts, I'm ready to break with tradition and choose to write.

    1. Thank you for appreciating my words. And I hope you will make use of the 52 Gems prompts. Most of them are unique and thought provoking. If you do use one, I would be pleased if you'd add a link to your blog post in the comments for that prompt. It will help your visibility, and I will know where to go to read your thoughts!

  2. (A poetic response)

    She found a way
    to get back up,
    to rejoice again in the moments of pleasure.
    It was a simple gesture:
    a kind look in the eye;
    the start of a smile;
    a few words tapped out on a Tuesday morning;
    the quiet of the space at peace with itself.
    It was enough to remind her
    that just when your eyes start looking down,
    the world starts looking up.

    -- Kevin


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