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Christmas Break

Where does a week go? I'm telling you, it seems like only a few days should have gone by, but no. It has been an entire week since I had my exit interview and began looking for a contract. 

How does that time slipping by thing happen? It's called life. And if you don't make the most of it, it passes you by without ceremony. 

I'm filling my Christmas break with celebrating Christmas (of course), editing, lesson planning, and clearing my house of nonessentials. That list set forth, it will probably feel like a three-day weekend or so. 

What I wonder about is how everyone else will be spending their Christmas break. If you care to answer, leave a comment, so we can all get some ideas for how to pass the fleeting moments the best we can.  


  1. Definitely planning to go to the movies, get lost in a book, and clear out some clutter too!

  2. We head back to the U.S. in a few days for two whirl wind weeks of time with friends and family. That will be punctuated with books by the fire!

  3. I'll be stuffing my face and watching classic Christmas movies =)


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