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truth of the matter

photography, train stations, historic buildings,

I shall never ask
Where are we going
What are your intentions
Why are you here
So long as
You never dare stop
Taking me along
For this surprising ride
Inviting me into your
Beautiful mind
Making a place for me
Within your fascinating heart
Creating space and time
Where we can be together
In trusting love and friendship sharing
Caring about the other's happiness
More than our individual own

I will never wonder
Where do I stand
What could I possibly I mean to you
Why do you stay
So long as
You stand next to me to hold my hand
Despite my stinging flaws
We take time to share meaning
Through mutual admiration and adoration
You learn how—and choose—to stay always
Because you desire my and your happiness
Our happiness
Our roller coaster down a dirt road
Our musical adventure that erases every mile
Our never-ending trip to last the rest of our days
Our onion to savor with ever more layers to write and unravel

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