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The wind was relentlessly storming at my window
Knocking on it, waking me to a keen awareness
In the middle of the dark, cold night
Of how very much you mean to me
How I see you in every step I take
Surrounding me with love
At home, school, driving, everywhere
The writing is on the wall
It will not do to have you standing apart
Too far away in distance and heart

I miss you breakfast, lunch, and dinnertimes
My eyes are drawn to every thing
My ears hear every song
My body remembers sitting on that train
Melting into you in the sun
Permeating every inch of life
Being far away but so completely near
This new distance is nothing I want to bear

I see you in every beautiful place I stand
I hear your influence in the children's laughter
I feel you in the warming rays of sunshine
I taste you in every bite of sustenance
The savor that you bring to life
Will be gone until harmony is restored
Because you have meant so much
This love will keep until your return
And the gap is closed once more

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