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At the end of my first day of classes, I was reflecting on it and wanted to come up with one word to describe the experience. The first word that popped in my head was severe. I know that might sound like it was a terrible day, but I assure you it was not terrible. How was it severe then? I will outline it for you.

Before School: 

Severe fashion problem; somehow I overlooked planning out my outfit for the day! Severely short on time because my elementary school aged child decided he didn't know how to get ready for school on time. Traffic was severe. End of that discussion. Severely hectic while carrying a severe amount of bags and boxes of severely last minute supplies into the classroom with some of said boxes being severely heavy. 

During School: 

Severely wonderful start to the school day with a severely loud cheer for me at the morning assembly. I felt so accepted and welcomed back. Severely joyful reunion with 80-90% of my classes having returning students in them. Severely short class periods (because of the assembly) made me feel severely rushed. 

After School: 

Severely busy. Getting my sousaphone player to band practice five minutes late, driving for forty-five minutes (each way) for a child's doctor appointment, driving back to school to re-film an instructional video, picking up dinner on the way to the school for my family, talking to the air for a video syllabus, and driving home past my children's bedtime but stopping for ice cream cones because the day demanded a little treat. Wrangling monkey people into bed while absolutely exhausted in all ways. 

A full and successful first day of teaching, but it is severity at its finest. Right? 


  1. Severity at its finest - great phrase! Kudos to you for a severely successful day in spite of some severe challenges. Sounds like your day and your family needed those ice cream cones.

    1. I think ice cream cones were essential. ;)

  2. Love the word severe! You're right, I thought negative at first but you brought both negative & positive. Full circle. :)

  3. Severe fashion problem, lol. Funny.


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