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Poetry Month 2016 Top Ten

For a few years now, I take time to write poetry throughout the month of April for National Poetry Month, and every year, I astonish myself with how I can actually write thirty poems thirty days in a row. Even still, this go 'round the potential to fail seemed higher than usual. There were days when I had no words for most of the day. There were days when the only thing I could feel was an ache for things I lack, and I simply do not enjoy writing that type of poetry. It gets written at times, but only because poetry is the purest form of catharsis for me right now.

What offers me joy in the whole process of writing and sharing my poetry with you is seeing what poems are the most read. Because of your reading, commenting, and sharing, they get seen by more people, and it shows me that what I write is appreciated. I feel so appreciated as a poet as I prepare the list from this most recent poetry binge. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

If you'd like, let me know which ones you have enjoyed most by leaving a comment.

And now, enjoy the best read (by you!) poems for April:

1.  Pain

2.  Always Golden

3.  Negative

4.  Find the Time

5.  You

6.  Building on Each Other

7.  Is It Wrong?

8.  Choose

9.  Ours

10. To Dream with Me

The Poet's Picks: 

A sonnet: Our Mess of Bricks

A favorite: A Home for You and Me

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