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I can't.

Can't. I'm sorry.
I love you.
No expectations
Until your soul spoke to mine,
Yet no expectation but
What anyone else could have
If they weren't me.

Can't. I don't want to.
Letting go is not an option
My heart can handle
Anything but losing us
To the world of drama and betrayal.
The chance that could be had
Lies in your hands.

Can't. Or won't.
Not to be or not to be.
That is not the question.
We know what we are.
We know what could be.
But which is it?
Can't or won't.

Can't. Too busy.
Choking down my pride,
Watching you choose
To not see me like I thought you would,
Realizing I'm not chosen yet again.
To stop the tears is impossible.
I just can't.

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