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half birthday

I had a half birthday last week, and I realized how weird it was for me to even pay attention to that fact.

My mom used to find any reason to help me feel special. I'm thinking my half birthday was one of her tools for that since I am conditioned to pay attention for it.

It's funny how we remember certain things about our lives, but we don't remember how it came to be. I wish my mom were around to remind me, to explain a little and take me to lunch as a silly treat on a day we pretend means something extra.

No one even noticed except for me, so it is pretty silly to even mention it now. I wonder if I'll ever find someone who will care about details such as that. Probably not, but it's nice to think about.


  1. My half birthday was 8/24. I too pay attention. I even declared "it's my half
    Birthday" to my parents. I celebrated ever month of my daughter's lives until age 2 and now we celebrate the halves. It's silly but life is worth celebrating. Happy half birthday to you!

    1. A kindred spirit! Thank you for stopping by! I don't feel so silly now. :)


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