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new year's day 2018

What a start to the new year!

Broken sleep, sleeping in, no sleep really. Vitamins to save lives. Cancelling plans for good yet unjustified reason. Gift giving when I really did not need to help with it and it gave me joy. Eating my absolute favorite ice cream right now: Baskin-Robbins Bubble Gum. Fixing up my turtle's UV light issue. Going bowling but not getting to bowl, so we did arcade games. Getting a movie to substitute for the cancelled plans but not getting a movie. Getting Just Dance 2018 because we needed (justified getting) it. Playing the crane game and not winning but my little guy did—after many attempts with his own money. Hurrying home to play our new game and watch a movie we rented only to leave to go crack open a manuscript that is not being cooperative for publication. Stressing out about the manuscript. Digging in and realizing how competent I am while realizing I am merely rusty on a very few skills. Working hard. Eating cheese and crackers and chocolate with my boss. Wrapping up sooner than expected. Making arrangements that will work in order to make progress. Mint hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. Wishing I had put the fresh sheets on my bed. Not caring that I am sleeping on blankets with blankets on top. Writing this list of reality and wondering how I made it through. Praying all day long. Praying more right now that I can do all that is required of me each day and find joy no matter what like I did today.

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  1. Stream of consciousness writing! Good for you for making it through that day! With Joy even!


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