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elementary school lessons

Something Positive
First Grade: Butter churning and birthday letters

Something Negative
Fifth Grade: Crush on Matt Gondini

Something Else (funny? scary? legendary?)
Fifth Grade: Monkey Bars Champ

Just by typing out his name, I make the embarrassment new like fresh baked bread or probably more like a freshly ripped off bandage that you left on for too long and it rips all the tiny hairs off your arm and you want to cry. Matt Gondini. There it is. The burn.

I liked Matt Gondini. The last name alone takes you away on a trip to Italy while eating spaghetti on the redeye flight. And he was cute and funny. Or so I thought.

Pretty sure it was Tiffannie who found out I liked Matt, which meant my secret wasn't safe, which I learned in hindsight and never truly trusted secrets to a woman again with a few slip ups in junior high and high school. I don't know, maybe I slip up here and there even still. But I digress.

We were all in music class. We were all grabbing recorders. We were all quiet. And somehow it was important for someone to share my secret. And Matt Gondini turned red, I probably turned red, and we both wanted to die.

To this day, some thirty plus years later, I still recall how terrible it felt, so I try not to think about it except for times like this when I'm writing a slice of life supposedly for fun! 


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