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we said it a thousand times
but never really meant it until now
the anguish of hearts shoved it
even more between the lines
folded gently in as to make no noise
softly rolling down faces
onto their pillows so silently
paralyzingly exquisite
dreams now take on new shape
one piece taken from here and there
another became part of the landscape
when no one was looking
a hope personified and actualized
though it all remains a mystery yet
it must be said in action
without a word
for words have been worn out
worn out their welcome
and bourne more than their share
even blighted our memories
to never be undone or unsaid
to think of the impossible
being possible, being reality
its unbearable truth strikes
clear through the very soul of me
each tear bids you a somber
and sincere adieu 


  1. Not sure what the under current of this writing speaks to but hope it works itself out...writing through our feelings and troubles sometimes helps us feel better!

    1. I believe that writing has helped me to survive. And yes, things are working themselves out. :)

  2. It makes me sad to read this poem because I know all the pain you have been through over the last few years. Surprisingly, I also feel a sense of happiness now that the hard part is coming to an end - knowing what a beautiful, blessed future that lies ahead of you.

    That's the only comment I have in regards to this poem...other than the fact that it was beautiful. ;)


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