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Laura and Oscar: Week 10

High School continued...

I was a freshman--finally. 

Oscar and I had become history--or so I thought. 

I would never fit in--the biggest lie ever.

High school was amazing.  High school marching band was even more amazing. It was as if we had an insta-family on campus. There were favorites, outcasts, everyone in the middle, and it was so fun. The band was pretty big too, so that made life all the more interesting for everyone.

Even with all the tons of people, I couldn’t help notice Oscar. He used to hang out with an older guy named Jimy who had noticed me. I didn’t know they were good friends until later, but the fact remains that they were. So as I was getting noticed by and noticing Jimy, I also saw my ex-boyfriend who had dumped me for a high school girl. Talk about weird, right? My first boyfriend ever was buddies with my first high school boyfriend.  It boggles the mind...

So anyways. There was this one day when I was walking past the band seating to get to the practice rooms or maybe out to the hall to get something and I had to walk past Oscar. He was sitting down getting ready to warm up or he was already doing so when I stole a glance. He had changed a lot since I last saw him the year before. He looked more grown up. I wanted to say hi--or maybe I did and don’t remember--but I remember the feeling of disconnectedness. I had no right to give him a hug or anything for that matter. 

What a confusing thing for a young girl to feel. Seeing someone you cared about so much and not be able to talk to them. It should be illegal or something. 

...to be continued next week. 

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