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Laura and Oscar: Week 13

A Crossroads continued...
I was going on a trip to Las Vegas for the millionth time, but this time was different--I didn’t set up anything with friends like I usually do. I just posted a Facebook status Heading to Vegas.... I thank my sense of adventure and spontaneity for what happens next.

I received a message from someone who has been a Facebook friend of mine for a couple of years but with no real life reconnection, so it was a very pleasant surprise. I message back with my phone number, telling him to call me if he wants to catch up. Once in Las Vegas, I start my adventures of seeing family, going to dinner, and baking stuff with a sweetie sister-in-law. Then, I get a text. I never could have imagined what might happen until I read the message and it was him. I’d say my heart stopped for a moment, but that would infer that I had a cardiac event, so we will settle on that I held my breath subconsciously for more than a second, that I somehow felt the world turn at a quickened pace right under my fingertips. Somehow it really did happen that way.  We ended up talking for hours, catching up and filling in holes for each other, deciding to catch up in person in a couple of days.

Now, I’m at my friend Debbie’s house chatting it up with her when the doorbell rings. It was a warm, sunny morning when I entered her house, so when she answered the door with Oscar standing there and rain was pouring down, it was magical. I knew he was coming; however, I had not expected him to make such a grand entrance back into my life. Another breath-holding experience that I dove right out of by bouncing over to give him a hello-I-haven’t-hugged-you-in-two-decades hug. I introduced my two friends and then Oscar and I departed on our first adult adventure. Driving down the street, our worlds began to collide--our words and the music playing in the car were simple proofs of the fact.

There is familiarity coupled with the electricity of a new acquaintance that cannot be described with words.  I hardly know how to attach anything to those few hours other than a wish that I could allow you into my heart and soul to feel it again with me.

The rest of the story could turn into a book  where I could share a hundred details, but I don’t want to throw it all out there. I don’t want to share it completely because it is all I have to hold onto, but I will admit that I stayed another day just so I could see him again...

...to be continued next week.


  1. where are all the weeks?

    1. Go to the table of contents on the right side, and click "Purple Serials".


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