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Searching for faces
old and new
Looking for someone to help me
Feel safe
The mirage is always off
in the distance
Never reachable, yet always
pulling me

Toward a better future
Toward the light and beauty
of something bright and lovely

Wandering in the night of day
The fear of never being worth the stay
Creeps into every crevice of this heart
Setting sweet love behind an armed guard
Damage control is not enough
Tangled up frayed ends left undone

Pointless ramblings go unanswered by the mocking crowd
Assertive and mean at the same time
It doesn't make any sense
Except how you explain it seems to
Make me feel safe

Dive straight in
Head first
With no thought
Run into the wind
With lightning at her heels
Fire in her eyes
Electricity in every touch
Throwing it all in
Taking the gamble
Because this time it might be
Maybe it could be
Will it be? Possibly?
The final time to fall and never have to wake up
From the ethereal dream of a love
Which fire never ever dies
Engulfed in eternity
In its perfection

Only to be burned at the stake
Every single time
Her heart is put on trial

She remains

Though we do not wish it true, when you stop to think
Aren't we all at the mercy of those within arms reach?

Be the mercy I seek
The rest and safety of a thousand years
Lift me out of this wretched
State of affairs
Calm my nerves and keep me


  1. Testing... testing. Comments working today? :)

  2. Just wanted to publicly say, my dear Ms. Purple, that this poem is wonderfully written and reaches deep into the realm of soul to share with us readers a very real and true struggle of the heart and mind. Thank you so much for sharing such emotion with us... for sharing YOU with us. Looking forward to reading more. Make today excellent :)

  3. "Oh the pain of love... such highs such lows how they come and go. But we jump right back into the fire and are sparked out with a hiss of embers..." J. Larkin Burns ;)


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