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Just a bit

You write hidden messages between each line
Saying what you would not write in ink
Telling me how you know I have let you in
But you don't want to open up that door
Saying—without words—how much fear
I instill within your heart because of all the hurt
Still raging within my own, even though
I want it to be calm—it isn't—and will never be
Because I am a passionate fish swimming
In a direction you can't imagine yourself going
Somehow you are able to dance around
The trouble spots as if they were no trouble
Sparking inspiration and gladness in your midst

You write of admiration, friendship, and kindness
Crafting, carefully, each letter so offense is absent
Intuition tells me you are a gentleman
Hidden in wolf's clothing
A treasure, a diamond in the rough
I see you and cannot help but wish
That we were both swimming up stream
Together, instead of assumed opposites
Intuition, a blessing and a curse
Nipping at my heels and helping me push off
Feelings that would only break me
If I had to face one more closed door
And still—you gently allow me
To leave it cracked open


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