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not for the faint of heart

I don't know about you, but I am getting mighty exhausted with the busyness of life. I try to cut things out when I get to feeling this way, but somehow life has run away with itself and I can't quite get back to a manageable pace. There are a few things that keep me going though. The first thing I need to say is that they aren't really things, more like people. My children are one of my boosts, and friends are another. Friends come in many packages for me. Some are family or neighbors, long-time friends or social media buddies, a stranger with a kind word in an elevator. My support group is nearly endless. And I'm sure that's the only way I am able to keep going despite the crushing pressures I sometimes find myself under. Like right now. 

This adventure called life takes strength and courage, and when I'm running low, I always have someone there waiting in the wings to share some of theirs with me. 

I appreciate each of you. 

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