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feeling loved

This past week was so good; however, the weekend ushered me into a week that I should not have to be living, but I am. I thought when a divorce is over, it is over. But I don't have that luxury of finality. I must lurch out of teaching gear and begin thinking about issues that I put away many months ago.

My mind moved on because it had to in order to survive school and raising children without any support, and it has been long past time for letting go. My heart has successfully moved on because there has been sufficient time to reflect and begin healing and living again.

Being dragged back into the fight feels terrible. Without all of the support that encircles me, I could not make it. Each day is counted as a blessing when I have friends and family who love me and make sure I am making it through these unfortunate circumstances.

I just need to remember to keep positivity and my faith that all will be well in the forefront. 


  1. Writing can often give us strength -- sending support your way!
    Clare and Tammy

  2. Sometimes it is so hard to move on when your heart wants to stand still. Each morning brings a new day and you seem to have grabbed ahold with a positive attitude. Good for you!

  3. Thoughts and prayers that your positive energy will guide your through the rough week.

  4. You are indeed encircled by friends and family!


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