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Save Our Souls and Save Our Ship
For we are sinking slowly
With all our pomp and circumstance
We still have yet to stand
On solid ground with firm intent
To never leave the helm
We waltz through life whilst in a dream
We go about the days filling them with games
Only to realize how far we've gone
Off the tried and happy path
Trod by those who've gone before
Who love us, hoping we will make it back

Send all the help that you can muster
For we will press onward
With heaven's angels in attendance
We shall gather newfound strength
On the foundation they have laid
To lead us all toward home
We will stand on higher ground
We trust as we seek their gentle command
Only we must discover who to trust completely
Off we go taking these brave steps in the sunlight
Treading lightly, always looking forward with full hope
Who will heed this call? Who will know the way?

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