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unapologetic affection

my hope is not fragile
once the light begins to burn 
becoming an undercurrent in the sea of life
pulling me close to the people I need most
to the one who causes me to come alive
into forever therefore I reach out 
in love and care because the hope in my heart
hints at and even calls out
the fact that you need love
in the worst and best way
your quintessence sings for the affection
that I long to lavish on your sweet soul
hearts do fail in some
but not yours yet and I hope it never will
the whisper on the wind won't let me be
softly reassuring that love has found
its way into that asphyxiating fortress
breaking free from the inside out
like a broken down prisoner on the run
you can't stop to see where to turn
but hold on, press on, open up
patience, hope, and love
feed this perfect fire
as they always have
keeping us warm
until you come
arriving just in time
to tend the flame
recollected and renowned
most cherished, darling friend

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