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Who knew how much I'd learn from you in so little time
The way to your heart so short yet so far
When our journeys conjoined for always
Who knew the depths we'd reach in a handful of questions
The synchronicity we share replays with musical harmony
When I listen with my heart to memories we've made
I hear the sweet constancy of forever
Who knew how well the teacher could be taught by silence
Questions ignored, unanswered, letting quiet do the talking
When the missing words went falling through the cracks
The answers weren't what my love let me hope
Reading between blank lines; Leaving too much unsaid
Who knew how carefully your loving hand could wrap around my heart
With sweet peace laced within each polished rejection note unwritten, imposed
When I face this truthful love that presses within me, I can't turn away
I have seen a glimpse of you, your stunning and wonderful you
Kept safe, locked away, suffocating, waiting to be free, someday
And then I remember that one word—uncomfortable
Who knew there could be a love that teaches you to retreat
Who knew you could love this much without having what you need

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