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sitting down with my friends

As I set my sights on home—a place to call my own
The years surround every thought and breath
Every smile, every tear, every moment spent
Around the table of life spending the real currency
In the only way we know how
Making memories to shore up against the storms
Making memories through the storms to store up
Friendships that pass the brutal test of time
Shining through the clouds of this long day
Spanning forever, hinting at the truth
That we are made for eternal purpose
We have hearts that beat and hearts that feel
One that keeps us breathing, one keeping us real
And we grow in deep appreciation
Of every one who puts down roots
Along the edge of our family trees
Intertwining with affectionate embrace
Some merging at the heart, creating one from two
For the long haul, for always, for the hope of home
Where we can set the table
And spend the time we've lost
Under the canopy of forever
All glittering and warm
Caught in the everlasting arms
Of those we love and will never lose again.

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