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My friend is moving away.

She actually packed up her family on Sunday and headed out, which means she is already gone as you are reading these words.

I know this kind of thing happens on the regular, but this particular friend has been an angel on Earth for me in ways that no one else could have been over the past several years. She and I were brought together to help each other through times that neither of us had much control over, and we made life better by simply being supportive, loving women toward each other.

One of my favorite memories that I hope to never forget is when she would come to pick up her children from my house after a long day, and we'd chat on my front porch or with me standing at the rolled down window of her SUV because she was too worn out from the day. The most precious of our power chats (sometimes we'd squeeze in an hour of visiting in ten minutes flat) was when she brought pizza and took a real break and sat down to talk while our children ran around. In my mind, that occasion has come to represent the needed in the moment but not every day support that she and I shared. We would stop everything even if it were only for ten minutes to give support to one another. The last few years have been more of her supporting me in my distress, but I hope she remembers that I gave my all to her when I had it to give.

I don't even know what to say more except that I have loved her and felt beloved by her in return. This type of friend is so rare. It takes my breath away to think about not having her just up the way from my house.

Life has a way of going and changing on us every time we turn around. We get all burrowed in and ready for plans to happen, and something shifts. It seems to make room for the next amazing experience, and I am going to hold onto that idea as I wish her the very best because she is my friend.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your friend moving. Friends like that are golden! I moved away from my bestie too but I think we are closer now than when we lived in the same town. I hope that is the same for you too!

  2. Just spent a few days with BFF because her mother died. The great thing about best friends is that it's so easy to pick up no matter whether they live near or far. It's better when they live near (says the girl who moved from OK to WA. So glad you had this dear friend during a needed period of your life. Here's to finding ways to continue to stay connected. And for new friends to enter your life.


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