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nothing could be something

The whole word of the year/one little word thing is escaping me this year. I spent time pondering what word might do, and you know what word came to mind? Nothing. Like, literally the word nothing

What am I supposed to do with that? Seriously. I do have some ideas floating around, but it is just so bizarre that no other words or goals have been nagging at me. I'd like to know what some of your ideas are about this whole nothing business. It might help me in my quest for the best word (or realizing nothing is the best).

So anyway. It is interesting that's for certain. I'll keep my mind open to other words while continuing to consider what nothing might accomplish for me this year. 


  1. Hmm... Emptying of the mind's detritus; a noticing, in-the-moment stance uncluttered by other distractions? Or am I futilely grasping at straws of meaning to tuck in among the nothing?

  2. Hmmm, "nothing" -- is it really "no thing"? or is it an absence that itself takes up space? Is a black hole "nothng"? "Nothing" in the complete OED takes up almost six columns: you could certainly play around with the word's etymology and its history.

  3. come on you can do better!!! it will come to you! open a book up to the first page it turns to and scan the page for the word that catches your eye.


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