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Reader's Choice Top Ten 2016

It always surprises me what my readership embraces and what is left in the corner. This year has been no different. I am thankful as ever to have readers of my writing and continue to doubt I will ever get used to you people coming back for more on the regular. It truly rocks my world.

What I have done is come to realize that what I have to say is not only valuable but valued. Thank you for teaching me this thing. I believed it but only to a point until I was taught through comments and repeated, regular visits to my writing pages herein. You keep me writing when there "isn't time" and when I can't seem find anything to say because there is just too much. Thank you.

I now give you the Readers' Choice Top Ten for the amazing year of 2016:

1. Cardboard Signs
2. My Inspiration
3. Farmers and Paul Harvey
4. Keep Writing
5. Hope's Wake
6. An Open Letter for Single Moms
7. Friendship
8. Playing in the Background
9. Changing Every Day
10. Defying Negativity

Honorable Mentions:

More Like Water
My Truth

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