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wrapping things up

It's almost the end of the school year, and I am astounded by the rate at which time flew. There have been some very long days and weeks; however, it all seemed to slip right through my fingers.

I'm feeling pretty nostalgic actually. This week will wrap up the last class for the Digital Journalism elective that I teach, so my teaching and grading is coming to a close faster than my social media directing, which never ends pretty much ever. But seriously, teaching this Digital Journalism course has been so good for me. I am good at it. Most of my students are glad to be in my class. The curriculum is student-driven to an extent. And we have a wonderful time learning.

When a class is really effective, the teacher learns more than the students, and I have certainly learned a great deal. I have seen in myself a good teacher, someone who cares, knows what they're doing (most of the time), and teaches by example. This year has helped me grow in confidence, and it is due to the caliber of students that I have in my class. Such good people. Such kind and ready to learn people. I couldn't be happier with how the year went.

And we just won't even get me started on how gorgeous the yearbook turned out. Seriously, that thing is so clean, so fresh, and so wonderfully perfect. My students gave of their talents and worked so hard. And then I went in and proofed it to perfection. What a fulfilling experience!

Next week, when the last day of school happens and we have our end of year party, I will be sure to tell my students about what they gave me. What a gift I've unwrapped.


  1. How wonderful it is to read of a school year ending on such a high note. This reads more like the optimistic enthusiasm of August/September rather than May/June. That is a gift!

  2. Congrats on a wonderful year and that great group of students. You'll carry them in your heart forever! And way to go with the yearbook. That is no small accomplishment.

  3. Congratulations on a wonderful year! You are so very talented and I know the Lord loves that you are sharing your talents with others.

  4. You worked really hard. I'm glad it paid off!

  5. Your sense of self reflection and your desire to celebrate WITH your students is so clear in this post. We have a month to go....but I'm beginning to share your sentiments.


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