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gratefulness: teaching

Is it weird to be thankful I am a teacher? I have always loved helping people learn, and I always thought I might become an English teacher, but now that I live this teacher life, I am thankful I am where I am. It would be wonderful to earn more for what I do, but I am exceedingly grateful to be teaching at a great school. The schedule I work blesses my family more than money ever could, so I give great thanks for where I am.

But I'm also glad to have so many nonprofessional opportunities to teach as well. There are people all around me who teach me but also let me teach them. It is a blessing to me when I have the chance to share my knowledge and lift another because of what I have learned. Sometimes, I consider how often I have the chance to teach others, and it is astonishing. Teaching is definitely one of my callings in life.

Whenever I think I might not be making a difference in life, I am often reminded of the people I help through various teaching opportunities. And it fills my soul with humble gratitude.


  1. This is definitely the time of year to pause and be grateful. It may not seem like it every day, but as teachers we do get many opportunities to help others. I am grateful for that, too.

  2. I am happy for you! Doing what you love is the cornerstone of a fulfilling life.

  3. Teaching is a job that can be soul filling. I'm so glad you can find all the bits and pieces to be grateful for each day.
    Also, I saw your comment about concerns with comments sticking. Keep me posted. One question I had was if it was anything particular that linked the blogs that you're having trouble commenting on--blogger, wordpress, or something else. Let me know. :) betsymhubbard@gmail.com


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