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gratefulness untold

If I could make a list of all that I am thankful for,
It would look like an endless book unbound
With sheets and sheets of people, places, and things.
If I could show you a pile of everything I love,
It would look like every single leaf in autumn
Or every snowflake ever fallen from a winter sky
Or all the flower buds and birds' nests in trees
Strewn across the world's magnificent floors.
If I could tell you in a story about everything I value,
It would look like an eternity sitting at the fireside
With friends and family and strangers
All around as we speak of goodness and knowledge
And happiness and growth as we enjoy friendship and warmth.
If I could give you a piece of all that I am thankful for,
It would not fit in all the universe,
For heaven holds even more
Than this speck of space ever could.


  1. Beautiful poem! I especially liked your last two lines, "For heaven holds even more than this speck of space ever could."

  2. Isn't the massiveness of feelings, memories, and moments amazing in it's enormity? You are right, nothing could hold it. I love this representation. Beautiful poem.


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