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so quiet

A slice of life shouldn't be so hard to produce with all the living that I'm doing—good, honest, terrible, trying living. I should be able to tell you stories as I haven't stopped noticing the things going on around me. I should be able to let you all in for a little peek. And yet—I just can't seem to get to it. I miss the community, but I have been so buried by life lately that I can't seem to get past the trauma of it all. And you know, it's just life. You all have it happening too, but I can't seem to make it through things like I used to. Writing is painful for me as if every word I acknowledge nails harsh realities in deeper. And this realization hurts too. I love to write. Or maybe I used to love to write? I can't tell just yet which one it is. I've been thinking in poetry more, so I probably should work to get those words on the page at least. One thing I know for sure is this place I am in cannot last forever. I can't see how it won't. I can't understand how things got so overwhelming. But I am sure it will not be where I stay. And that is hope enough for me. I hope my giant effort to write a little something might reach someone who is also feeling so quiet it hurts and know they aren't alone. I hope you know I feel you.


  1. Maybe you need to write your way out of this thing that’s seemingly debilitating you. Nothing wrong w/ slicing in verse.

  2. One suggestion when times are tough is to go out and walk, step by step. I think writing might work the same way, just showing up, word by word. The whole concept of a month long writing challenge is crazy, and yet, somehow, the daily writing, as crazy as it is, makes sense. Writing in March is a choice. Saying no to the invitation is understandable. Know that you are always welcome in TWT community, and you never know when your words are what someone needs to read. :)


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