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Without Them, Life Would be Miserable

They are a gift.

The world is enlarged and magnified by them. Hope becomes easy when spending time with them. Laughing, yelling, and crying seem more valued expressions of emotion when doing so with one or more of them. Making new ones gives a thrill, filling the mind with excitement and gladness for the future they will be a part of. They turn the silliest of games into the most priceless memories. The very best stories are not complete without at least one playing a supporting role. (Speaking of stories-- butterscotch pudding, canned pasta, salt and pepper shakers, crassy knolls, youth dances, good books, homemade bread, purple and green, road trips, and late night talks will never be the same again because of one of these.) The best of them help lift you to your potential, wishing the very best for you. They are rays of sunshine breaking through the dark clouds. Life is simply more beautiful with friends.


  1. What does it meeeeeeeeeeeeeean? ;)

  2. And that person right up there ^^^ is trying to make me laugh so hard I pee my pants!!!


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