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just pulled down river

Just so you know—
I dreamt of you last night.
You might as well have been right beside me
as the pain in my heart aches just the same.
My eyes are just as wet from stinging tears;
My muscles remember just how to quake.
The expression of words flows out of me
just as usual--a  flooded river
of love and dread threatening to drown me.
How long will the pain continue to rise?
Should I force this heart to patiently wait?
When do I choose to sever off my arm
just to save my bleeding heart from myself?
Why is love being relentless just now?
Where can I flee? Will someone just love me
without attaching heartstrings that strangle
and bind and just about break me apart?

Just down the river without a paddle,
Just down into the bleak unknown,
Just hoping to grasp to an outstretched hand
Just waiting to love me for who I am.

Just so you know—
I mean not to hurt you.
I mean to save what I can of this heart.
There have been moments to never forget.
Some just have hurt too much to hold onto.
Our precious love was beyond amazing,
but poisoned love just pulled me down river.


  1. Sometimes trapped animals must chew off a limb to survive.
    Sometimes doctors must amputate to save a human life.
    Sometimes a God must die to save mankind.
    Sometimes it's not easy, only necessary for life.
    Stay strong in the horror of necessity, my friend.
    This too shall pass away...sometime.

    1. I had forgotten about this beauty. I'm thankful I took the time to write my feelings, so I could see how much life has changed for the better. Thank you for taking time to write down this response.


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