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I cannot bring myself to move on from the topic of Autism Awareness. When pondering on what to blog about today, all I want to do is work to spread my photographic essay farther and wider than what has already occurred over this past weekend.

These children and adults need friendship. It might seem overly simplistic, but it is the truth. It can be difficult being a real friend to someone who doesn't really know how to talk or be a friend in return. It might be a challenge to apply patience and understanding with someone who freaks out on you because of some normally small problem. And by problem I mean you could be wearing an irritating color or it is windy outside or anything in between.

Hearts are broken at this very moment in homes across the globe because someone with ASD is friendless. It could be the individual or it could be members of their family because they can see how others don't reach out or want to be their family member's friend. I know my daughter is oblivious to the fact that she never gets invited to birthday parties or the movies. No one calls to come hang out with her. She is fifteen years old. She is non-violent. She loves attention. Though on the other hand, she doesn't know how to start or keep a conversation going; she has epilepsy (scary); she can't even ride a bike or swim or read on her own. What would a potential friend even do to be her true friend? I don't have the answer. I could tell you a laundry list of things I would like to have happen, but unless it comes from the heart of the giver it won't happen. It hurts too much to wish sometimes.

With awareness, sparks of courage to be that special friend can and will get lit in the hearts of typically developing people and the broken hearts will mend.

My hope for changing the world for the better, one person at a time, can only be fully realized with the help of others. Or in other words, I need YOUR help to spread the message. I am not directly connected with everyone in the entire world. It is an impossibility. But, I am connected with some people, and those people are connected to other people, and so on.

I ask those of you who read this today to please be bold and share a message that can improve the lives of the individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Please share this link today: 

WANTED: Awareness, Respect, Acceptance 

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  1. Autism awareness is very important, I agree
    Thank you for talking about this subject :)


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