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i {heart} dancing

Dance has changed me.

I went to church and school dances religiously growing up, so I already knew that I enjoy dancing. However, when I signed up for this beginning social dance class I had no clue what I was in for. The high life of making friends who can dance, experiencing the rejection of wallflowers—although I am not one, trying my hand (or rather my feet) at competition, and witnessing first-hand the glorious beauty of excellent dancing has brought me to the realization how very much I adore dancing.

While I have no plans to get into championship dancing, my glint of excitement turned into a fiery blaze of enchantment in the midst of watching the pre-championship level dancers. The glitter-encrusted women up close look almost freakish, yet once they are on the floor, the glitter, rhinestones, flashy makeup, and outrageous costumes create a charismatic showcase. All the pop and glow is part of the dance—the presentation and mood of the individual dancers. There were comediennes, clothed strippers, show girls, and dancers more like Elegance personified than I have ever beheld. The style and showmanship required to make it to the top makes dance more magical.

The dance experience has added sparkle to my perspective: music has more meaning in its rhythms; high heels hold more allure; and, as a woman, I feel the power of my femininity much more poignantly as I move across the dance floor with confidence. 


  1. I grew up in the day of June Taylor dancers and watching movies with chorus lines - from Shirley Temple oldies to Go-Go dancers in cages. Took lessons all my young life. My dream - to be a dancer! After I grew up, I danced in my livingroom with my children instead! But I still dream.

    1. I still watch all those movie musicals with people breaking into song and dance spontaneously. I catch myself wanting to do it sometimes, but the fear of getting committed stops me. ;)

  2. I too love to dance but I must confess... it's the heels... how in the world can one dance in heels! My hats off to you.

  3. I'll have to take some dance lessons... :) maybe


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