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Thirty Days of Gratitude: Reflection

When I first began the Thirty Days of Gratitude experiment, I had an idea that it might help me; however, I could not have anticipated the breadth and depth of the positivity I would encounter as a result of following through with it.

I have to admit that some days were easier to write than others. About a week into it, I thought to myself What the heck were you thinking? Blog EVERY day with mid-terms and final projects and divorce issues and holidays coming up??? I must want to go nuts. But then, I wrote the post and realized how much I have to gain by stepping outside of myself every day.

One of those pay days happened to be yesterday. A twitter pal sent me a music video attached with the simple words:  Because I know you are thankful for dancing, here's a special wish for you today. While he had obviously read my gratitude blog on dancing, he could not know how much the song he sent means to me. Several years ago, a cousin of mine tragically died in a car accident and they had the lyrics to that song on the back of the program at her funeral, so ever since then I think of her when I hear it. Until now. Those few words from a social media friend opened the door to another perspective. I listened to it anew, and all the meaning was transformed in my mind and heart.

I have found my fight song--a theme for what I want for me, for you, for my children, for everyone I can ever touch or hope to touch with these words that I keep spilling onto the page. As I reflect on how consistent gratitude has opened my heart, I give thanks for all the good and bad that have brought me here, to you, that I might share my life adventure of hope, love, and faith.

Thank you for being part of it all. 

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