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Thus far, my service in church has ranged from Choir Director to Building Scheduler to Girls Camp director and many others in between. I have learned to love the surprise of moving on from something I've really enjoyed to something fresh and possibly foreign to me.

The biggest surprise I have got, to date, was when I was asked to serve as the Family History Consultant. I literally laughed out loud, and then said I'd do it. It was a big challenge for me to learn how to teach others something I didn't know how to do yet, but it all turned out nicely. I think.

I'd have to say that the one calling I enjoyed most was being Girls Camp Director. I was in charge of making the week of camp diverting, spiritual, and life-changing for my group of young women. It was exhilarating to me. We worked on learning how to give selfless service to those around us while still tapping into the fabulous aspects of life we all love so much. I chose Troop Beverly Hills as our theme, so if you've seen the movie, I needn't say anything more for you to comprehend how awesome our camp was. I played it to the hilt--wearing makeup, hats, and as much bling as possible while camping. It was so fun! I hope I get the opportunity to do it again someday.

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