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for my long time ago lover

Every once in awhile—
I let myself wonder
Why you remember
Me when no one else does
Really, why you call and reminisce
On things so far away only to
Bring them to the front of
Our recollection and
Hearts, entwining the past with
The present, like a wrapped gift
Only you can give, my friend,
My long time ago lover. 

Saying things to me that no one else
Dare, reminding me of what life might
Sound like as I hear you speak words of
Adoring kindness, feeding my wounded
Soul through the wire
As chatter fills the night
Air, and my heart has new breath
On which to sustain itself
Because you remember
Me on days when there is nothing
Keeping me alive
Waiting for
A long time
Ago lover.

To no longer be separate
Healed of the things
Keeping us apart
When we are drawn
Together so often
Like travelers seeking
Refreshment from a well of
Never ending loveliness
For all the days of loneliness
When no other could take
Your place with me
Like filling a hole
Which will never be filled
Except by you
And all that you offer,
My darling
My long time ago

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