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Highfalutin Mumbo Jumbo

Dragging her body throughout her living quarters, she realized something. She was quite unwell. Whether it be in body, mind, or heart was still to be determined, but she understood enough to know that something vital was amiss and must be put aright, one way or another.

The bothersome hives she awoke to mid night's rest the previous evening could be responsible, yet her heart had been ill at ease for many a month. Yes, that is correct month. If only it could be days or weeks even, but no, her struggle with love had grown into a war, stripping everyone involved of their smiles and warmth.

So, instead of making her head ache more with concentration, the lady retired to her bed to rest, only to awake from a nap which had privily stole away most of her day. Contentment remained elusive, yet she was able to indulge in a sense of delicious rejuvenation from the bodily drain she had had to bear.



  1. Rejuvenation of the heart and soul will come next, I hope.

  2. There are definitely times when rejuvenation is needed!


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