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First of all, we will just ignore the typo, ok? So anyways. Back to our usual program.

I grew up in Las Vegas, and not to say downtown didn't ever decorate for Christmas, but I don't remember it being all that. It only snowed once in all my recollection as a child. And Downtown Las Vegas is different from most downtowns you'll find anywhere, like around the entire world, for being such a small city when I was growing up. It's just inherently different.

I did, however, grow up in an area of town where there were mostly Las Vegas natives, and I'm telling you, they knew how to decorate. It was so fun to go for rides in our big old van to look at all the Christmas lights on people's houses around (our side of) town. I look back on that tradition and feel so much joy. It was a wonderful time to be together, singing Christmas carols while driving with my parents and little brothers.

It could be the passage of time making the memory sweeter, but I don't have any bad memories mingled with these outings, so that makes it all the better, maybe even perfect.


  1. Oh, come on...it snowed more than once. I distinctly remember at least four times(in the 20 years I lived there) where it snowed.

    1. *please note the qualifier of "child". :)


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