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broken hearts

I walked gently into the night,
Breathing in every sound and sight
Stars glimmering through it all, unknowing
Dread fills me as I realize I am loving
Someone, you, who cannot give
What I need to keep going, to live

People, poets, speak of broken hearts,
To redundancy, in the name of art
And here I am doing it, too
Much has been said, I knew
You for so long, so long
We have been two hearts
Apart and yet still one thought
Brings it back and we are one


About that heart
That fractured, broken heart
With no home
No owner
Because I won't even claim it
I turn my back in utter grief
Knowing it could have been
If only...
If only I would not have gone
Gently into that night with you
I might still have some shred
Of nothing to hang onto

So now I see that I chose
A broken heart.
For better or worse,
I chose.


  1. Your poetry makes my heart hurt. I am so glad things are starting to look a little brighter since you wrote this. ;)

    Hope Springs Eternal - and that has a definite double meaning here. ;)

    1. My heart is happy that you found this one. I had forgotten about it, and now I can see how far I've come and how far I still need to go.


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