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roller coasters

I used to think I liked roller coasters, until I had to live one. The ups and downs were such a thrill. Breathtaking delights they were. And now--now every up promises a down, not to mention turns requiring a twist. There's no need to take away breath. I forget to breathe long enough to make me dizzy.

I live a roller coaster, and I wish I could get off this ride, but it's not over, yet.

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  1. I so hear the stress in your post - and I so get it...! I was too busy to even post my sol yesterday....so today...a day late and a slice short as they say...hang on tight this week and I hope your twists and turns are minimal!

    1. "A day late and slice short" makes me smile! Thank you, my slicing friend. :)

  2. Roller coasters are fun. Remember I used to work at a roller coaster? ;)


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